10 Tips for Email Marketing Success

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Apr 29, 2015 @ 10:17 AM

10 Tips for Email Marketing Success | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Your email marketing campaign offers you the opportunity to promote your business by finding new consumers and encouraging them to become customers. However, creating them can seem complicated becauses of the steps involved in the process. You need to focus on statistics and being creative to build a strong message that represents your brand.

You may feel overwhelmed while deciding what promotion you are going to offer, or developing the subject line, or even deciding what your target audience is. Don’t worry. I want you to take a deep breath and relax. Although building an email can be daunting, there is no better way to introduce your business to new consumers.

To help you stay calm and grounded here are 10 tips you should use as a best practices checklist while creating an email marketing campaign.

10) Make Sure You Are Reaching the Right People

Research who your target audience is. Look at the demographics of your target market and who your customers are. Those are the new consumers you want to engage with. Nothing stops marketing momentum faster than sending the right message to the wrong people.

9) Create Copy that is Direct and Concise

Your email can’t be too long and it shouldn’t be meandering. Try to keep it under 150 words to keep it easy to read and engaging.

8) Create Excitement

One of the ways you can make your content engaging is to write with enthusiasm. What makes this offer special? Why is your download different? How will it help them?

7) Emails Start a Journey

Your email is a ticket and an invitation to a consumer. You want to encourage them to take a trip to a specific webpage. The page should deliver on the promise in the email. Don’t make the page busy with other offers and promotions, show the customer what you offered them.

6) Your Content Should be Original

Don’t make your content boring. There are going to be a lot of common keywords used to describe a promotion in your industry, avoid them. Create a message that would stand out to you and entice you.


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5) Be Personal

Personalize your emails! By including the recipients name in the email, you’ll put yourself in position to have a higher rate of success.

4) Include Downloadable Offers

Everyone loves receiving offers that can be engaged with instantly. Include the opportunity for consumers to download a promotion or special offer. Have the customer fill out some information for your database and then release the offer to them. You can then use this content to drive  them to your website or physical store.

3) You Message Should Provide Value

Whether it’s informational or a promotional, your content should offer the recipient valuable knowledge. Your message and business will stand out if there is information that cannot be ignored.

2) Build a True Campaign

The emails you send should build on each other. Don’t rely on just one email, but create a strategy for two or three. Have the messages tell a story, so even if the content is different your brand will still be apparent.

1) Use Emails to Build your Brand

This content is going to help you make your business more than just a brick and mortar store, it’s going to make you more recognizable. Even if a recipient doesn’t download your offer or visit your landing page, they will now know your company’s name and logo. Not only are you offering exclusive content, you’re also building brand recognition.


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