14 Reasons to Support Cause Marketing

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Jun 08, 2016 @ 01:07 PM

14 Reasons to Support Cause Marketing | Wicked Local Media Solutions

As a successful small business owner, you are considered to be a leader in the community. Your customers trust your knowledge and judgement and at times look toward you to set the standard. Involving your business in cause marketing is a great way to show consumers that you are engaged in making your community a better place. Here are 14 reasons why your business should take part in cause marketing.

  1. If a business is supporting a charity, 79% of shoppers will donate to it.
  2. 82% of consumers think it’s appropriate for a business to support a cause.
  3. 95% of moms approve of a business that supports a cause.
  4. 92% of moms will buy a product to support a cause.
  5. 91% of local consumers believe that local businesses should support local charities.
  6. If two brands have a similar product at a similar price, 53% of customers will select the business who is socially aware and active.
  7. 57% of people said they would want to work for a brand that supports a good cause.
  8. 83% of consumers between the ages of 13-25 will trust a socially or environmentally conscious company.
  9. 42% of shoppers will pay extra if they knew a business is active in different causes.
  10. 64% shoppers say giving money isn’t enough, they want a business to be invested in the cause.
  11. 45% of people said they would want to invest in a brand that supports a good cause over one that doesn’t.
  12. 88% of customers want your business to tell them about your charitable acts on your packaging and labels.
  13. 52% of shopperscheck labels to see if the store is committed to social and environmental change.
  14. 43% of millennials are more likely to donate through a business than give to the charity directly.

Your business is more than just a store that offers solutions to consumers, it’s a part of the neighborhood. Your customers want to see your business take action. They want your business to do things like host bake sales, or sponsor youth athletics, or be a part of a local chapter of a global charity. Supporting a cause will be one of the reasons your community will continue to turn to you.

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