3 Reasons Print Media Still Works in Advertising

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Fri, Jan 30, 2015 @ 01:55 PM

Print is not dead.

3 Reasons Print Media Still Works in Advertising | Wicked Local Media SolutionsYes, I recognize the irony of reading that in a blog post. A post you probably found via a link from a social media site or from an email. It’s a fair statement to say that in the last fifteen years, the digital landscape has evolved dramatically and has become competitive with the print world.

But, print media is not gone. It’s very much alive and available for businesses to use. After all, the print industry is worth $640 billion and supports $3.8 trillion in jobs and services. Any industry with that much invested into the economy is going to be a viable option for any business.

Why should you not rule out using print advertising in your marketing?

  • 79% of Americans will act on a purchase after seeing a newspaper ad. Not 79% percent of newspaper readers, 79% of Americans. More than two-thirds of the population still read the newspaper, see an advertisment that speaks to their need while reading the paper and then will act on that need.
  • 61% of Americans still read newspapers and magazines. This number doesn’t include the numbers of people who are reading the same publications online. So your ad could run both online and in print and reach different audiences.
  • 40% of adults take action online within 30 days after seeing a newspaper ad. Don’t be discouraged if your ad in Monday’s paper doesn’t result in immediate sales on Tuesday. Consumers want to be able to trust and learn from businesses. So, have an ad lead to a webpage that will teach consumers about a product.

The most important thing to remember while planning your advertising strategy, is not to choose just one option. We’ve often used the metaphor that all of these solutions are just tools for you to use. When you build anything you don’t just use a hammer or nails or screws. You use all three to help build a strong and safe structure.

Don’t use just digital or social media. Don’t use just print media. Find the right balance that will support your business to be financially sound.

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