3 Ways to Build SEM Success

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, May 12, 2015 @ 11:15 AM

3 Ways to Build SEM Success | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Search engine marketing is more than just selecting keywords to represent your business. It is fantastic if your ad wins the top bid and you receive top placement because of you keyword selection. It gets even better when people are engaging with your ad. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t make your campaign better. A business owner should always be looking for ways to grow and adapt an advertisement and keep building positive momentum.

Like any advertising campaign, search engine marketing campaigns takes constant research, updating, and data analysis. By upgrading and keeping your text ad fresh, you increase your chances for continued success.

Here are three things you can do to keep your search engine marketing campaign up-to-date and successful.

1. Know Your Competition

Like other forms of traditional and digital advertising, being familiar with what other businesses are doing is going to help your marketing strategy. Do some google searches of your competition. Spend time researching the words that you think define your industry and find terms and phrases that aren’t being used. You may not have to bid as much if there is no one looking to create a text ad around certain keywords. Knowing what words your competitors are using prepares you to use other keywords and helps you plan a bidding strategy for your text ad.

Don’t stop your investigation once you’ve started a campaign. Take some time when you are thinking about a new campaign to do the research again. You may be able to find a keyword or phrase you didn’t think of before that will give you an upper hand in the months to come.

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2. Don’t Link to Your Homepage

Part of creating your text ad is including a URL users will click to purchase your goods and services. You want to make their shopping experience as simple as possible. That link should deliver the customer to a page where they will be offered a promotion or be in a position to immediately start shopping.

Sending a user to your home page basically restarts their search. If they don’t see the item or promotion they searched for right in front of them, they may click the back button. Not only have you lost a shopper, but you also paid to lose that shopper. Make sure you create a landing page for your ad that connects with the keyword you use. Or at the very least deliver them to a page that will allow them to start shopping for that particular product or service.

Change the link with every text ad campaign you run. You want the material you offer to seem fresh. You want people to see your business as a trusted source for their shopping needs. When you update your keywords, update the page too – try to create as many ways as possible for potential shoppers to find you.

3. Is it Working?

At the end of every campaign, you’re only concerned about one thing. Results. Is the money you are paying for the campaign leading to sales? The search engine you are advertising on will offer tools you can use to see if a click on your ad led directly to a sale. Find out if words you thought would work are actually working. If not, modify your approach. Change the words. Change the type of groups you want to represent your selections. Find the solution that works and will bring the most success to your company.

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