3 Ways to Promote Your Business on Facebook

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Sep 29, 2015 @ 09:31 AM

3 Ways to Promote Your Business on Facebook | Wicked Local Media Solutions

As of right now, Facebook is the ruler of the social media kingdom. It has more daily users than all other social networking sites combined. Many people see it as a way to communicate with friends and family, but as a business owner you should be focused on how it allows you to engage with consumers.

Facebook offers a number of ways for businesses to advertise on their site. We’ve discussed before how, as a marketer, you could use Facebook to promote your business to a larger audience than TV offers and for less than what you would pay for commercials. However, there are ways for you to engage with segments of your consumers for practically nothing.

Advertising on social media allows you to experiment and have fun with marketing campaigns. Using the popularity of Facebook you can reach out to customers and ask them to take part in special offers, photo tagging and participate in social sharing. Every time they interact with your business their connections will see the engagement.

We’ve come up with three free Facebook engagement suggestions and invite you to use them to help promote your business. Just download our, “Top Ways You Can use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for Your Business” white paper to get these helpful tips and more!

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