4 Marketing and Advertising Trends for 2016

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Dec 21, 2015 @ 02:05 PM

4 Marketing and Advertising Trends for 2016 | Wicked Local Media Solutions

2015 is winding down. With each day that passes, you start to close the books on this year and look forward to 2016. A new year means your business will offer new merchandise and services to your customers. It also means you will have new challenges in figuring out how to engage with a larger audience as you try and grow your business. Here are four ways you can start to build a marketing strategy that will be ready for campaigns in 2016.

1) Streaming Video is Here

Earlier this year, Periscope and Meerkat made their debut and became runaway hits. After their debut at South by Southwest, it seems like every business or production included a live streaming element. Fans were invited behind the scenes of their favorite tv shows, celebrities did exclusive interviews, and private concerts.

While none of those examples may directly relate to your business, Periscope was just named Apple’s App of the Year and has over 10 million registered accounts. The growth of streaming video will continue to grow, and I wouldn’t be surprised if community businesses begin to use it as a way to offer customers information about products or secret promotions.

2) Focus on Getting Personal   

Email marketing will still be a popular way for businesses to reach new customers. With so many emails reaching similar audiences, you will need to find ways to make your promotion stand out among the rest. Look to find ways to personalize your emails. People are more likely to engage with an email that includes their name or personalized information. With so many social messages that are targeted to many people, a directed, personal message means a lot to potential consumers.

3) Get Mobile

It’s estimated that in 2016, more than 2 billion people will have a smartphone. Smartphone users continue to grow, which means more and more people are doing web searches on their phone. Your business MUST be mobile compatible. A responsive or mobile website will make your business’s digital presence a destination instead of a hard to navigate site. Google knows that more people are visiting sites via mobile browsers, that’s why earlier this year, Google redesigned its search criteria. Websites that are designed to be mobile friendly will get a better Google score for organic web searches.

4) Stay Social

Social media will continue to be popular and offer businesses many different opportunities to reach consumers. Facebook is working on a search feature that will make its social integration more complex and offer stronger results to users without visiting a search engine. This will probably mean that they will have more insight to connecting businesses with a larger demographic through targeted advertising.

Your social media strategy should not only focus on sponsored messages on sites, but also keeping people informed about your business. Share updates, photos, and videos that help customers feel connected to your company. Like personalized emails, your guests want to feel like they have a relationship with your business. Creating this community feeling builds trust between brand and shopper which can lead to repeat business.

Throughout 2016 the Wicked Local Media Solutions Blog will keep you updated on news and trends within the world of advertising. But by starting to think about how you can adapt these four tips into your upcoming campaigns, you’ll be a step in front of your competition.

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