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Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Fri, Nov 28, 2014 @ 01:29 PM

Check_LogosToday is the day. Black Friday. The day that kick-starts the holiday shopping experience. And we know that you are prepared for today and the next four weeks.

You’ve been studying up on how to use social media effectively. You have been training your staff on being brand ambassadors. Today is your day, and your business will be rewarded for all the hard work you have done preparing for the holiday season.

Even though your store will be buzzing with activity, don’t forget to find ways to engage the consumers who haven’t visited your business yet.

Your smartphone holds the key to reaching out to all customers, not just your regular shoppers. These are four smartphone apps than can help expand your reach during this shopping season.


Facebook_5-13_SMStay connected with your your fans on Facebook. Yes, your updates will only be seen by the people who follow your store, but you never know what photo, status message, or video will be shared by one of your followers. One share will allow your post to be seen by people who may not know about your business. There is no proven formula about when you should or shouldn’t post, so think about what posts you would want to read as a customer. Share what you think would be interesting and engaging.


twitterTwitter is a small business's best friend. People expect to see Twitter updates, so they aren’t annoyed by too many posts. Especially if those messages are engaging and include updates on discounts. Take advantage of what Twitter lists as a “trending topic.” Make sure to tag photos and messages with with the hashtags #ShopSmall, #SmalBizSat or #SmallBusinessSaturday this weekend. These trends that we know are going to be taking place. By taking advantage of these established topics, you can grab the attention of people following those trends.


Instagram-logo-005Instagram is an app that creates a work of art from even the most humble photo. Once you have taken a photo with your smartphone (or tablet), select one of the many different filters Instagram offers. You can turn the image black and white, make the color more vibrant, or give it a vintage feel. Photo sharing has become very popular, and because of this Instagram has become “the fastest growing social site.” All Instagram photos can be shared on Facebook and Twitter, so don’t forget the hashtags.


Vine-800x8001(1)As online videos become more popular and engaging, it might be beneficial for you to start producing short films. Vine records just six seconds of video, but that six seconds runs on a loop. Film happy shoppers exploring your shelves. Film your pet Corgi, who also happens to be the business mascot. Everyone loves a Corgi video! Create a loop of the cash register ringing every time you complete a sale. You can share Vine videos on Twitter and Facebook, so don’t forget to include the hashtags.

By keeping shoppers updated on your business this weekend and during the holiday season, you can convert them into regular customers for years to come.

Nick Pizzolato is the Marketing Content Manager at Wicked Local Media Solutions. For questions, topics for future blogs, or to share your favorite moment from the film “Back to the Future,” email him at

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