4 Steps to Getting Your Business in Shape

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Jan 04, 2017 @ 01:12 PM

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New Year’s resolutions are goals people make to help them break their bad habits in an effort to live a better life. Resolutions can also be made by business owners as a way to get their business into shape for the new year. Here are four ways you can use some of the most well known resolutions and make them work for your business.

1) Build More Energy

At the start of every year, people look for ways to increase their energy level so they can try new experiences. As we try to break out of our bad habits, your business can also to climb out of its rut too. Find new ways to design your advertising message for a print and digital marketing strategies that will excite consumers. Create a new energy for your campaigns by focusing on elements of your marketing that you wished worked better the year prior.

2) Walk, then Run

While men and women actually start to walk and run to work on their fitness, your business can take a more figurative approach. At first, focus your marketing efforts on your local customers. As a member of their community, you know what motivates local customers. Have your ads in a local newspaper or offer items and services that you know fills a local need in a special section. As you engage with your immediate customers, then grow your marketing efforts to reach surrounding communities, and then a local region. Start small and build confidence in a successful campaign before you increase the scope of your vision.

3) Limit Excess

After the holiday season, it can be easy to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. However, just because you may have access to new funds and opportunities, don’t overuse your resources at once. Focus on a few aspects of your business that you know will improve the customer’s overall experience. Perhaps by offering customers a special service some have requested, or doing store maintenance that you think will improve their in-store experience. Addressing a few issues perfectly is always noticed and is a great way to strengthen your relationship with customers.

4) Be Available

Give your customers access to you and your business. Make it easy for them to request special orders or contact you if they have any comments or concerns. Building strong relationships can lead to strong ties within the community, making you a trusted resources within your town.

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be just for personal enrichment. The same steps you take to make your body healthy and fit, can also work as a map to help build success with your business.

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