4 Tips to Prepare Your Summer Marketing Plan

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, May 25, 2016 @ 12:03 PM

4 Tips to Prepare Your Summer's Marketing Plan | Wicked Local Media Solutions
This summer, Massachusetts will welcome vacationers from across the nation and the globe to spend time at our beaches and campgrounds. For many businesses, these precious months, sandwiched between Memorial Day and Labor Day, provide a large chunk of their annual income. For the season to be profitable, you are looking to connect with as many consumers as possible. By preparing a marketing campaign for your business now, you will be able to execute an engaging message all summer long.

1) Advertise in Special Sections and Visitor’s Guides

Many local media companies publish summer guides or special sections that are available to visitors at markets, restaurants, and stores during the season. Creating an ad to run in these publications is a great way to greet your community’s new guests. It’s an introduction to customers; an announcement for your business and what you offer. This will make it easy for tourists to find and access your store.

2) Telling a Story in Print and Online

If your special section message serves as a welcome to guests, the rest of your summer marketing campaign should be used to preview your store’s news. Use local media as a way to update your audience on promotions and specials as they change weekly and daily. Let your advertising tell a story through the summer months.

3) Share your Updates on Social Media

Being active on social media is a great way to engage with visiting consumers. Use Facebook to show customers your products and promotions. Select hashtags that may be popular in the community to attract the attention of visitors. Stream video with Facebook Live and Periscope to update followers in real time.

Also, Facebook’s advertising platform is a source you can use to promote your business. It offers you the opportunity to target your audience based on their current location. It gives you the ability to capture the attention of local residents and guests as they scroll through their newsfeed.

4) Invest in Search Engine Marketing

Vacationers who spend time in your community will need help finding local businesses and will most likely turn to their smartphone for guidance. Create a four or five month search engine marketing (SEM) campaign that will put your business at the top of their search results. Target keywords that are summer and tourist specific to try and connect with those customers.

By designing a summer marketing plan now, you can help your business be in the best position possible over the next few months. Create a campaign that will connect with visiting consumers across traditional and digital platforms to reach the biggest audience possible.

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