4 Ways to Strengthen Consumer Engagement on Facebook

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Dec 28, 2015 @ 02:23 PM

4 Ways to Strengthen Consumer Engagement on Facebook | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Your business probably has a Facebook page, but how effective is it at building an audience? Building consumer engagement on Facebook isn’t always going to be easy, but as you build an audience, it can be very rewarding. The tricky part can be creating content that will inspire your audience to grow. Here are four things to keep in mind when you are trying to strengthen consumer engagement on Facebook.

1) Be Active

The easiest way to connect to customers on Facebook is to be more active on Facebook. Don’t let your page become stagnant, take the time to post to your page at least once a day. Posting everyday makes sure that the name of your business will be visible to your fans as they scroll through their feed. If you don’t know when to post, look at your most popular messages. If you see that a majority of them are posted in the afternoon, wait until one or two o’clock to post.

2) Create Content that Will be Shared

When you are posting content, make sure that your message has value. A simple way to add value is to offer exclusive promotions through Facebook. This could be a coupon for them to use in the store or a link that goes to landing page. Deals like this will encourage your audience to share the message with their friends. This shared content can be the most effective way to introduce your business to new customers.

3) Ask for Advice

Every Facebook post looks to create or respond to a conversation. Sometimes, the best way to create a dialogue is to start one. Ask your audience about what they like or would like to see in your business. Should you offer different hours? What’s their favorite product? What’s their favorite promotion? Don’t wait for a customer to suggest an idea to you, be proactive in looking for ways to appeal to them.

4) Get Visual

43% of the content shared on Facebook are images. People love sharing pictures, cartoons, and visual memes because they are easily digestible and invoke some type of emotional response. You could post a photo of several items in your store and ask customers which is their favorite item. Share an instagram image of the sun shining through your door in the morning. Take a selfie with your employees. Your photos will resonate with customers and encourage them to respond with a like or comment.

The Facebook accounts that have the the best communities are the ones that are proactive in creating engagement. Your Facebook page should be a resource for customers. A place where they can go to find out new information or ask questions. Don’t hope that a customer will comment on a post, write a post that will encourage them to do so.

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