4 Ways Wicked Local Prepares You for the Readers Choice Awards

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, May 18, 2016 @ 12:37 PM

4 Ways Wicked Local Prepares You for the Readers Choice Awards | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Next month the Readers Choice Awards will be announced and the businesses who receive recognition will have the opportunity to promote their win. The award, voted on by local consumers, is a great barometer to measure how respected and popular your business is within the community. When you win, you’ll want to thank the people who voted for your brand and use the award to welcome new customers. Wicked Local Media Solutions can help you celebrate your Readers Choice Award as soon as the results are available.

Here are are four ways we can help prepare your Readers Choice Awards campaign.

1) The first, and most important step, is discovering if your business has won. For your convenience, we have set up a Readers Choice notification service. Register your business, and when the votes have been tallied, we will respond to your inquiry.

2) If you’ve won, congratulations! You’ll want to post your Readers Choice Award certificate as soon as possible. Visit this page and share some basic information about your business. The certificate will be sent to your business after June 19th. Once you’ve received it, you can proudly display it on your walls.

3) With your certificate on the way, you can start thanking customers with a social media campaign. To help you with your announcement, when the awards are announced, you’ll have the opportunity to download the 2016 Readers Choice logo. You can post the logo by itself or use image editing programs to incorporate it with your brand.

4) A social media post using the Readers Choice logo is a great way to thank your loyal fans, but you should also use the award as a way to extend your message to new consumers. Members of our Wicked Local team are ready to help you capitalize on your award-winning momentum.

We can help you discover marketing opportunities within our own Wicked Local network. Print ads that will engage readers. Digital campaigns that can be designed to target a specific customer demographic. An email marketing strategy that will connect with consumers as they check their personal messages. We are local experts in promoting businesses through traditional mediums and through live events or direct solutions.

For 21 years, the Readers Choice Awards have been the community’s way of recognizing the best local businesses. Your marketing campaign should serve as a thank you to supporters and and an invitation to new customers. Let the Wicked Local team assist you in promoting the award and growing your business.

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