5 Common Types of Online Advertising

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Mar 15, 2016 @ 10:41 AM

5 Common Types of Online Advertising | Wicked Local Media Solutions

You’ve advertised your business in print, but now it’s time to take your marketing campaign to the digital stage. But what exactly does that mean? How are different ad units effective in presenting your message to consumers? The vast network of Wicked Local websites offer businesses a number of digital marketing solutions that you can use to help spread your message throughout more than 150 communities in Eastern Massachusetts and beyond.

Here are five common types of online advertising ad units available on our Wicked Local network of websites:

1) Leaderboard


The leaderboard is the image that will welcome customers as soon as the webpage loads. Before they see what the top stories and opinions are, your advertisement will be there to capture their attention. Our designers will help build an ad that will not be missed with an engaging visual image that will direct consumers to your landing page.

2) Medium Rectangle

5 Common Types of Online Advertising | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Medium rectangles can be found on every page of our Wicked Local sites. Your medium rectangle can be a still image, animated, and targeted to be in heavy rotation on the homepage, a section front, or story page. Medium rectangle ads can offer you more space for a message that will captivate and entice consumers.

3) Skyscraper

5 Common Types of Online Advertising | Wicked Local Media Solutions

As customers view or read a webpage, their eyes move from left to right, which means that the skyscraper ad unit will be seen every time a reader finishes reading a line in a story. Your skyscraper ad is a vertical unit that is great for capturing attention and drawing the reader’s eye to your call-to-action.

4) Site Takeover

5 Common Types of Online Advertising | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Site takeovers showcase your business, and only your business. Like the name indicates, these ad opportunities give your business maximum exposure across the homepage of a desired website or websites. Your takeover can include having your business named in the borders of the website, a medium rectangle ad and a “floater” image that will appear on the screen and encourage customers to click on it. There is no better way to announce your business than with a takeover.

5) Ad Notes

5 Common Types of Online Advertising | Wicked Local Media Solutions

An ad note is an ad unit that appears on the middle of a home page and appears before the user can click on a story. Having your business appear front and center as consumers are reading the page can be a great way to create engagement.

Advertising your business in the digital age shouldn’t be an overwhelming idea. Online advertising gives your business versatility and the opportunity for immediate sales conversions. Every year, the number of internet users grows, so put your business in front of this engaged audience.

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