5 Types of Facebook Advertising That Every Business Can Use

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Fri, Jun 19, 2015 @ 01:23 PM

5 Types of Facebook Advertising That Every Business Can Use | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Facebook offers business owners ten different advertising opportunities on their platform. Half of them are aimed at companies who have apps, events or videos to promote. However, the other types of advertisements are perfect for every business to use. They all focus on growing a business’s audience and encouraging consumer engagement.

1) Boost An Individual Post
This is one of the more popular advertising strategies Facebook offers. It’s one of oldest and most successful ways local businesses have reached out to their followers on the site. Especially if they don’t have large marketing budgets. Facebook has also made the opportunity to promote a post easier by putting a “boost” button on every message a business posts.

You would use this type of advertising if you want to have a particular post be promoted to the top of the newsfeed of those fans that follow you. Using this feature is a way to build interest in a post and hopefully acquire post engagement. You can set up a daily or longer budget of how much money you’re willing to spend to make sure your post is seen.

2) Promote Your Page
Almost as familiar as boosting an individual post, promoting a business page has become a popular way to promote a brand’s Facebook presence. It allows the business owner the opportunity to target a broad audience or a certain demographic of people and introduce their Facebook page to them for the first time.

Facebook will allow you to customize the message you want to use to promote your business page. You can select a video or photo to be the featured image and write copy that you think will engage new fans.

The reason why this and boosting an individual post are so popular is because they do essentially what all advertising should do. Boosting a post highlights a message to your fans and promoting your page introduces your brand to new customers.

3) Send People To Your Website
For those businesses that may be just starting to build a web & social media presence, Facebook has created a way for your business to build followers and gain page views. The “Clicks to Website” type of advertising will share a link to a website and encourage people to visit it and like the business’s Facebook page. You have the ability to design the ad, select photos to feature and write engaging text.

4) Reach People Near Your Business
This is one of my favorite Facebook ad opportunities. A business can create an “ad set” that will appear in a specific geographic region.

First, the ad creator would select the town they want to target and then expand the radius of the selected region between one and fifty miles. Then they would select up to six images that will represent your business. The next steps would include writing a headline, developing engaging text, and a creating a call-to-action to invite people to learn more about their store.

This is different than promoting your page because it focuses on getting customers to engage with your business who may not be in your general vicinity. The potential reach Facebook offers for an “ad set” is the largest of all of their advertising tools. The rotation of pictures gives your advertisement the appearance of variety and will hopefully appeal to different types of customers. It also allows you to experiment to see what images attract customers, this is information you can use in future campaigns.

5) Get People To Claim Your Offer
With this ad opportunity, Facebook asks business owners to create a special offer that will be posted to their wall. They are able to select a photo, create a headline and text and put a limit on how many people can claim the offer. They can also select the type of audience you are looking to reach and a special landing page URL for the offer.

Once the offer has been created it will be placed on your timeline and you will also be able to promote it as you would a post. When users click on the offer they will be directed to a web page and be sent an email about the offer. When they receive the email they are asked to share and like the offer. This call-to-action has the opportunity to build in popularity due to fans sharing it on their own social media wall. Encourage that engagement by creating an incentive for those that share the offer. Also, keep the offer pinned to the top of your wall, so when people visit your Facebook page, it will be the first thing they see.

What's nice about all of these advertising opportunities, is that they all engage with consumers. From promoting a post to your customers to advertising your business to a brand new audience, Facebook advertising encourages you to be outgoing. While consumers are on Facebook, you also have their attention. The average American spends 40 minutes a day on Facebook. If you purchase advertising, that's 40 minutes throughout the day that your message can appear to them in their newsfeed as they scroll. If you create a campaign that lasts several days, the probability that more people will interact with it grows. Take these five advertising opportunities and start growing and engaging your audience.

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