6 Steps to Write Engaging Email Marketing Messages

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Feb 28, 2018 @ 02:20 PM

6 Steps to Write Engaging Email Marketing Messages | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Email marketing is a powerful tool businesses can use to connect directly with consumers. However, once consumers open your email you only have a small window to guide them to your promotion. Here are six steps you can use to write engaging email marketing messages that will grab their attention.

1) Keep it Simple and Strong
The language used in the body of your email shouldn’t be conversational. Your recipients most likely receive dozens of emails a day. If they select yours to read, make the message count. It should get to the point quickly and clearly.

2) Don’t Be Elusive
Hopefully, consumers will take the time to read your email, but, write it for those who will just skim the message. Use keywords and an impactful font that will draw their attention, and include images to help lead consumers to the call-to-action (CTA).

3) Focus on Them
Don’t write about what your business offers, instead, write about how you can help your  customers. Think of how you can use language (i.e. you and your) as a way to connect with customers as they read your message.

4) Fulfil Only ONE Need
Your message should focus on one product or promotion. Adding multiple deals to the email makes the design busy and the content seem confusing. Your email should provide the easiest way possible to connect a customer to your business.

5) Don’t Become Spam
While writing your email don’t try to sell the promotion. Instead, focus on sharing information about how the promotion can help the customer. Emails that sell can seem pushy and be disregarded as spam.

6) An Urgent Call-to-Action
Your final pitch to customers should have a sense of urgency. Terms like “act now” or “while there’s still time” makes consumers think that they might miss out on a promotion if they don’t take action. Connect this urgency along with your CTA.

Focus on these steps to create an engaging message that captures the attention of your audience. They were enticed by your email's subject line, now deliver them a message that will excite them and encourage them take advantage of your promotion.

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