7 Accessories that Turn Your Smartphone Into a Video Camera

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Apr 14, 2015 @ 12:52 PM

7 Accessories that Turn Your Smartphone Into a Video Camera | Wicked Local Media Solutions

If your business isn’t creating video content it probably should be. Short films build consumer engagement and awareness and shows that your business has a personality. However, purchasing video equipment isn’t cheap, so it’s understandable if some people think the investment isn’t worth it. But, you don’t necessarily need the most expensive camera to create engaging content.

Here are 7 accessories that can step up your smartphone cinematography.

7 Accessories that Turn Your Smartphone Into a Video Camera | Wicked Local Media SolutionsIn a previous blog, I mentioned how important it is to have proper lighting while filming your video. You can’t promote what you can’t see. Yes, the new smartphones have flashes and they do improve with each upgrade. However, no matter how much they tweak a LED light, it’s still not going to be able to light an image as well as a regular camera.

That’s why you should invest in a portable flash. This spotlight connects to your smartphone and offers you the boost of light you need. Yes, it’s bulky, but the flash allows you to illuminate a broader area and create a better visual experience for the viewer.

Much like flashes, microphones in smartphones have gotten better, but they are still imbedded within the device. This can lead to recording problems if the subject is standing too far away, or your finger is covering the microphone or even if there is a slight gust of wind.

External microphones fix those problems.

Boom Mic | 7 Accessories that Turn Your Smartphone Into a Video Camera | Wicked Local Media SolutionsWhen you are conducting interviews, you should use a lapel mic. These microphones can be clipped on the person you are talking with and offer the best option for audio recording.

If you’re filming someone and a lapel mic isn’t an option, try using a boom microphone. This can be used to pick up on conversations held at a distance and also can be used to record background noise. It may not be as clear as a lapel mic, but it offers better quality than the internal microphone.

Image Clarity
Mobile phone cameras have become the biggest attraction to consumers. Every phone boasts the best pixel rate, clearest pictures and stronger zooms. The truth is, as impressive as lens technology has become, it can always use a little bit of a boost from additional hardware.

7 Accessories that Turn Your Smartphone Into a Video Camera | Wicked Local Media SolutionsSony has developed a very powerful (and expensive) lens that is also a camera. Your device isn’t taking the photo, it’s acting as a viewfinder and a place to store the photos you take. It is a pricey tool, but its product is a sharper and more professionally looking photo.

If you’re looking for a more economical solutions to enhancing your camera’s lens check out olloclip. They build lenses that can be snapped into place over your phone’s camera. The lenses can improve the zoom magnification and picture clarity.

Camera Stability
It’s very important, when you’re filming something to try and keep the camera as still as possible. You always want to see your subject in frame so the viewer can see the subject without getting motion sickness.

Pixi Tripod | 7 Accessories that Turn Your Smartphone Into a Video Camera | Wicked Local Media SolutionsTraditional tripods can hold phones and tablets with a special bracket. However, will you want to carry a full size tripod, if everything else can fit into a small bag? Luckily, stabilization devices have been designed with this in mind.

The Pixi is a mini-tripod that fits in the palm of your hand. You can place it with its legs spread on out a flat service to keep the camera still while recording. If you need to film and walk at the same time, you can also fold the legs and use the tripod as a camera holder. This helps keep the image from jostling too much as you move.

Of course, if you’re planning to be doing a lot of walking and filming, you’ll want to find a device that will offer even more stability. The iOgrapher offers you two hand grips so that you have even more control of the camera as you’re moving. It also has jacks for both a microphone and a mounted flash, so that your smartphone or tablet becomes a portable filming rig.

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