7 Tips to Having a Great YouTube Channel

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Aug 17, 2015 @ 01:07 PM

7 Tips to Having a Great YouTube Channel | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Having a YouTube channel is the perfect tool for your business to create content that is both educational and entertaining for your customers. These videos are going to help expand your brand digitally and create easily consumable information for your audience.

Now that you have created your YouTube channel, it’s time to think how to keep the site active and engaging. Your channel is not only a hub for your content, but a place where people will be directed to when they do a web or YouTube search for specific content. Your YouTube page will help strengthen your company’s digital branding.

 Here are seven tips to have a great YouTube channel.

1. Keep the Content Coming

Congratulations about posting your first video! But, don’t rest on your laurels. Start thinking of other videos you can produce and share. Don’t rely on creating the same type of video for every project. Be creative and start exploring different types of topics to showcase on your channel. Create short staff introduction videos. Find customers who want to do testimonials. Collect pictures and make a simple photo slideshow. Create videos that will give customers a full experience of your business.

2. Customize Your Channel

Don’t just post videos on Youtube, brand the page so that it becomes a part of your business. Use a picture of your storefront as the display image. Create channels that can showcase different elements of your business. You can even select a video to be featured, which means that it will be the first thing a visitor sees when they visit your page.

3. Include Calls-to-Action

On every video, you are given the opportunity to direct customers to another website or your video using the “Annotation” feature. This will let you create call-to-action boxes in the video itself to encourage and direct customers where to click. It allows you to create a journey for your visitors. With the calls-to-action you can direct them to another video, a web page, or a special deal. Also, don’t forget to include text based calls-to-action in the description of the video. Take every opportunity to direct them to other content.

4. Get Interactive

Create videos that encourage the user to watch other content on your page. For instance, if the video features a demonstration by an employee named George, at the end of the video you can have a link that invites people to watch other videos that feature George. The longer an audience stays on your site, the better they get to know and trust your business and brand.

5. Put Thought into Your Titles

When posting a video online, don’t give the video a non-descriptive title. Think about how the name of the video could relate to what a customer is looking for. For example: You own a hardware store and you want to demonstrate the easy way to attach new hinges to a door. Instead of just calling the video, “Hinges,” call it, “Installing Hinges With Mike From Mike’s Hardware.” This way when people search for the terms installing hinges or even for make’s hardware they can find your video.

6. Write a Great Description

Just like the content on your website, your words count. Your language is being searched and indexed by search engines, so you want to make sure your description is accurate and includes keywords that occur in the title of the video as well as the business name. Also include links back to your website or promotional sites and your business address and phone number.

7. Choose the Right Category and Tags

Like any content you post on your website or blog, creating tags and categories for your video and channel are important to help your video be found by customers. The tags you assign to your video on YouTube act the same as keywords for blog posts.

Always use your business name and where your business is located, but also incorporate the subject of the video. This is to try and attract the attention of web/youtube searches when people search for a question. Selecting a category for your video will include it in Google category searches. So visitors who select videos in the “how-to” category, will see your videos along with all the videos that were tagged that way.

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