A Hands-On Approach to Your Marketing

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Mar 14, 2018 @ 02:23 PM

A Hands-On Approach to Your Marketing | Wicked Local Media Solutions

You know your business best. You have a firm grasp on who your customer is and know the marketing strategies that are most effective. However, the tools you use to market your business can be spread out across a variety of programs.

Does your business have this problem? If so, a marketing platform solution is just what you need. A marketing platform offers business owners and managers a one-stop spot to create and manage all aspects of their digital marketing strategy.

When selecting a marketing platform for your business you want to make sure it includes the following elements:                                                                                                                   

  • Social Media Hub - A platform that will integrate your social media accounts into one feed. This will make it easy for you to post, respond, and measure your social media reach all at once.
  • Email Creation Tool - With an email creator you will be able to design and compose emails that engage consumers. You’ll then be able to run an A/B test campaign, that measures which messages consumers respond more favorably to. You should also look for a tool that includes the option to receive real-time consumer reaction to your email campaigns.
  • Blogging Tool - Post updates to your customers about new resources you offer or any news related to your business.
  • Contact Customers - A marketing platform will allow you to sort customers based on their consumer demographics. You’ll be able to create different messages for specific demographics.
  • Search Engine Marketing Reports - You’ll be able to collect and analyze data from your search engine marketing (SEM) efforts

Your time is precious. You’re making decisions that affect your business throughout the day. You need one place to develop, deliver, and analyze how consumers engage with your marketing campaign. With a marketing platform, you can control your digital marketing with ease.

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