Advertising Your Business to Local Holiday Shoppers

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Oct 19, 2015 @ 10:26 AM

 Advertising Your Business to Local Holiday Shoppers | Wicked Local Media Solutions

The holidays aren’t just a time to celebrate with friends and family. For most businesses the holidays represent a significant amount of revenue that needs to be generated. In many cases, the next year’s operating costs are raised during the holiday shopping rush. Because the stakes are so high, businesses need to find ways to advertise their inventory and raise their profile within the community.

There are ten weeks left in 2015, and your business can take this time to be proactive in advertising your business to customers who are going to shop local this year. Local shopping campaigns can run throughout the season or build toward a Small Business Saturday sale. These campaigns build awareness for your brand and can also showcase products and services that people can shop for everyday, and not just during the holiday rush.

Luckily, the holidays are a time where virtually everyone is shopping for gifts, or at least looking for gift ideas. Advertising your products and services to consumers will create awareness of your store and location.

The classic way to build awareness is advertise in your local print publication and online. Even if you think it’s too early, creating the connection between your business and shopping local for the holidays can take time. Repetition will help keep your business fresh in the minds of consumers.

Another print option for your business to investigate is by taking part in a local holiday shopping special section. These print inserts give advertisers more space to to sell their business, their products, and offer more information about the promotions they offer. Consumers read these special sections as they search for gifts, sales, and information.

If you want to connect with customers who are looking for discounts and promotions look toward advertising in a holiday savings book. These are customers that are specifically looking for deals and will visit your store to get the best price. These books are a great way to increase awareness of your store during the holiday shopping season.

Finally, when planning your campaign don’t forget about your digital options. You can introduce your business to new customers using an email marketing campaign. These campaigns find new consumers based on location and demographics and introduce your business and promotion to them. If you have an existing list of customer emails, you can also use email marketing as a way to invite them back to your store when they go out holiday shopping.

Don’t wait until the end of November to start planning your holiday advertising campaign. Take the time now to talk to your local ad representatives and plan your strategy. This way you can build your ads strategically and use the repetition to build brand recognition. Bringing shoppers in for the holiday season is the short term goal, but you should also use this opportunity to introduce your business and build consumer engagement throughout the year.

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