August Blog Rewind: Reaching and Engaging Customers

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Thu, Aug 31, 2017 @ 01:00 PM

August Blog Rewind: Reaching and Engaging Customers | Wicked Local Media Solutions

During the month of August, the Wicked Local Media Solutions Blog researched and shared marketing strategies available to small businesses. We posted facts about different digital opportunities that are designed to find and connect with consumers. We shared a new study that showed marketing in a daily newspaper can still reach up to 79% of your audience. Using digital and print media, your business can find your target audience and bring them to your doors. These are tools your brand can use to reach out and engage with local customers.

If you’ve missed any of our blogs in August, here is the blog rewind.

Infographic: 5 Reasons Why OnTarget Display Advertising Works

Here are five reasons how OnTarget display advertising can help you connect your brand with customers.

Infographic: Five Facts About Social Media to Help Grow Engagement

Here are five facts about social media to help your business grow engagement.

Infographic: Five Facts About Mobile Marketing

Here are five facts to inspire your business to take part in mobile marketing opportunities.

Print Media Continues to Reach Consumers

Print based advertising has consistently been a popular and effective form of marketing. Businesses have used space in newspapers and magazines to reach their target audience since the printing press was invented. In today’s marketplace, print media is surrounded by different types of digital opportunities for businesses to use; but, a recent study has found that consumers still prefer print materials.

Designing Viral Content to Engage Customers

Businesses have achieved great success recently using social media in their digital marketing campaigns. One of the most valuable discoveries from this relationship has been viral marketing. These are messages which consumers connect with and share on social media, creating brand awareness.

Creating an Infographic for Your Business

The marketing content you share needs to be able to grab the attention of consumers and present them information that is easy to understand. Recent studies have shown that the most engaging pieces of digital content don’t rely on words, but on images instead.

Infographic: 5 Things to Consider When Designing a Logo

Here are five things to consider when you are designing a logo for your business.

5 Tips for an Effective Digital Marketing Campaign

Here are five tips to help you build an effective digital marketing campaign for your business.

Giving Your Business the A-List Treatmen

Having a digital presence is a key element of any business strategy in the 21st century. Whether you have a storefront on Main Street or run a business from your garage, a website is essential for success.

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