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Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Nov 05, 2014 @ 11:57 AM

blogimageIn four weeks, the biggest shopping day of the year will commence. Black Friday.

Although the name sounds like a day the Grinch would love, it represents the first weekend of shopping for the holiday season.

It’s the time of year for cheerful music, tasty snacks, hot drinks, great shopping deals, and hundreds of thousands of consumers in the mood to spend. Of course, all of the holiday shoppers with cash (or card) in hand make business owners VERY happy.

A lot of preparation goes into getting your business ready for the holidays. Making sure shelves are stocked with the products customers are looking to purchase. Hiring and training extra employees to help support the store during the season.

And all of that hard works pays off.

Take a look at these figures from last year’s Thanksgiving weekend.

  • $57 billion - The amount spent by Americans during the 2013 Thanksgiving holiday weekend
  • $12.3 billion - Dollars spent on Thanksgiving and Black Friday
  • $1.5 billion - The amount spent during 2013's Cyber Monday - the biggest online shopping day in history
  • $148 million - Holiday weekend sales driven by social media

Wow. 57 billion - with a “B” - dollars spent in four days. That’s staggering. All of these numbers just reiterate how important it is for your business to have an online presence. In order to engage with consumers today people must be able to find and engage with your business quickly and easily.


Now is the time to prepare yourself and your business for the holiday season.

We know that this time of year can be very overwhelming and Wicked Local Media Solutions wants to help. Right now we are offering a Holiday Conversation Starter Package. While you get your physical store ready to welcome customers, we will help you build a virtual presence that can build and engage online consumers.

This package includes all the tools your business needs to succeed this holiday season:

  • Social Site Creation or Redesign
  • Social Suite
  • Invite Email Contacts
  • Custom Content Calendar
  • Facebook "Like" Campaign

The weeks between Thanksgiving and the end of the year fly by, so don’t put it off until tomorrow. Sign up today and get 15% off the Holiday Conversation Starter Package.

We have digital experts that can help you increase your company’s visibility and engagement. Our business is to make your business successful.

We want to join your team and make the holidays merry and bright!

Nick Pizzolato is the Marketing Content Manager at Wicked Local Media Solutions. For questions, topics for future blogs, or to share your favorite moment from the film “Back to the Future,” email him at

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