Become a Trusted News Source with Email Marketing

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Feb 22, 2016 @ 11:13 AM

Become a Trusted News Source with Email Marketing | Wicked Local Media Solutions

People love reading the news. We want to be informed about the world around us. Over the decades, the ways we consume the news has changed, but the way a story is told has not. There is a certain structure to how news stories are written, known as “The Four W’s.” You can use this same template when you write content for your email marketing campaign to engage with consumers.

“Who” You Are

It’s the easiest and also the most important question to answer. Customers need to know that your business is responsible for sending them the message. Always brand your content. Leave the reader zero doubt about who the message is from. You don’t want your customers to go to another business.

“What” Are You Offering

Share with your readers the products or services you are promoting. Let them know of the value of a promotion or what makes the item unique. These descriptions don’t need to be a long paragraph. Tell them the name of the promotion and what it offers. Use a bold face font and bullet points to draw the reader’s eyes to the most important content.

“Why” Are You Contacting Them/“Why” Do They Need It

Use the email to answer basic questions that consumers may have. For new customers, have the email be a welcome message that is an introduction and a description of the solutions you can offer. For known customers, these emails can focus on your products and services.

Remember, you are contacting people who may all be potential customers, but they will have different backgrounds and lifestyles. Make your messages more general and not specific to one type of person. Choose topics that can be universally acknowledged. Use holidays, the seasons, the actual news, or local events to tell the story of how you can fulfill your customer’s needs. Find a shared experience that everyone can relate to.

“Where” Can Customers Go for More Information

Every news story is a map and eventually needs to lead a reader to the destination. Email marketing isn’t just about sharing your name and vital information, but converting readers into customers. Make sure that call-to-action button can not be missed, so that they will be driven to your website or a specific landing page.

You are not just a store, business, or company, you are a community resource. Your business can answer questions that customers have or may have. Your content should make them realize that. Let them know that your business is available and accessible to them and become their source for answers and information.

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