Big Marketing Strategies that Small Businesses Can Use

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, May 17, 2016 @ 01:12 PM

Big Marketing Strategies that Small Businesses Can Use | Wicked Local Media Solutions

All great marketing campaigns have one thing in common, they want to engage consumers and encourage them to make a purchase. Global corporations spend millions of dollars producing commercials that they hope will create an emotional connection with customers for this reason. As a local business, your budget may be small, but you can learn from these popular campaigns, and build similar strategies that will be effective in your local market.

For example, have you seen the latest commercial for Apple Music? It features Taylor Swift singing along to music as she starts her morning workout. After a few moments, she is so into the song, she loses focus and is thrown off the treadmill to the floor. As she recovers, she continues to sing along to the track and gets up to continue to jog. Even if you’re not a fan of her music, you can relate to the situation and to the product.

Your local business can also create a marketing campaign that focuses on an experience that all consumers share. If you own a pizzeria, your ad could be of someone burning their mouth while eating hot pizza, with the slogan, “They couldn’t wait for the first bite.” If you manage a hardware store, you could show the tools that people commonly use improperly. Think of situations that are common in your industry, so that customers can easily identify and engage with your business’s message.

Here are some other national campaigns you can use for inspiration:

Personalized Soda

For the last two summers, Coca-Cola produced labels for their bottles that had people’s names on them. By personalizing their container, they were able to grab consumer attention and encourage them to be a part of their very successful #ShareaCoke campaign. This year, they are producing labels with famous song lyrics on them as a new way to connect emotionally with customers. I’ve seen local restaurants use this idea when naming their menu items, including Green Monster inspired sundaes and sandwiches named after famous TV shows and characters.

TV Catch-Phrases

Television networks have always done a great job at creating buzz for their shows by creating a theme for their programming. NBC coined the phrase “Must See TV,” which suggested to the viewer that if you didn’t watch these shows, you would miss out on what your friends were watching. In the early 1990s, ABC’s two hour block of Friday night comedies was called “TGIF,” or “Thank Goodness it’s Funny,” to create a relationship between their product and that popular saying.

Even though you may not have the same resources as large companies, you do share the same customers. Instead of producing a television ad, create Youtube videos and share them online. Don’t buy airtime on a video billboard, build a clever print marketing campaign. Your small business can be just as successful as the big ones, by creating strategies that engage and connect with your local audience.

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