Bringing Your Business to Community Events

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Jun 15, 2016 @ 01:31 PM

Bringing Your Business to Community Events | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Marketing opportunities for your business can present themselves in many different forms. Traditional and digital media can offer you the space and resources to reach a large extended audience and are designed to create a bond with a customer. But, in the end, the best way to build that rapport, is to actually meet with consumers.

Bringing your business to local events as a sponsor is the perfect way for you to introduce yourself and demonstrate that your business is a member of the larger community. When you agree to attend, your name is attached to the mission of the event which allows you to get to know your consumers socially without pressuring them to buy anything.

In May, the Patriot Ledger hosted the All-Scholastic winter sports award ceremony. The ceremony honored outstanding local student athletes who excelled in their respective games. The guests of honor and members of their family had a chance to enjoy a meal, celebrate the winners, and hear from hockey legend Ray Borque.

At the event, local businesses, like Stop & Shop, Dependable Cleaners, and Best Chevy and Best Jeep were displayed in the print materials and had representatives from the businesses on hand to help build their brand. They met with potential customers and showed that they were proud to support these outstanding athletes.

This is the type of event, where your presence and some marketing material is all that is required. You’re not expected to prepare a demonstration or a sales pitch. Your neighbors see you there as a sponsor. They see you supporting the community. You have invested by showing your potential customers that you want to celebrate their accomplishments. This builds respect and trust for your business.

If you are approached to be part of an event that plans on honoring members of the community, you should jump at the chance to be involved. Your business provides them the opportunity to celebrate a cause and the attendees will take notice of your involvement. Your brand will be in a better place to be recognized and respected and all you have to do is shake a customer’s hand.

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