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Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Aug 10, 2015 @ 02:25 PM

Bringing Your Business to YouTube | Wicked Local Media Solutions

What’s the best content you can use to promote your business? Some consumers may interact with photos or read stories, but many people watch videos. It’s now so simple to create and upload a short video, it’s no wonder that digital videos are among the most popular and engaging types of online content.

You might think that a YouTube channel may only be an outlet for media companies or businesses that have a hand in creating high quality digital films. These businesses would have the tools and staff available to create and share content quickly and easily. But all the professional bells and whistles aren’t all that necessary.

People want content that speaks to them, and it’s more common now to see a video that was filmed on a smartphone than it is a video that took 48 hours to produce. If you have the ability to film someone talking or create a photo slideshow, your business already has video content that it can share online.

A presence on YouTube is more than just bringing video clips to upload though. A YouTube channel allows a business more opportunity to build their organic SEO. Each video description that is posted includes keywords about your business, links back to your website, and the name of your company. These three details are full of metadata that search engines look for when compiling your the strength of your organic search.

Plus, YouTube offers a lot of search engine marketing (SEM) opportunities for businesses to take advantage of. Create banner ads to appear on other videos and at the top of search pages. You can take advantage of YouTube’s popularity and even target specific demographics of people, so that the customers you want to reach will see your ads.

Posting videos on YouTube isn’t necessarily about advertising your business in the traditional way one might use a TV commercial. Yes, it’s OK to promote products, services and store events, but having a presence on Youtube is also about building awareness of your company and its atmosphere. These videos should create a broader vision for your company to attract attention from all consumers, not just a small group.

For example, YouTube allows you to create sub-channels for you to showcase different types of videos. Build a channel that only shows product demonstrations. Interview willing customers and post their comments on a “Testimonial Tuesday” channel. Creating different types of content helps an audience see your business as more than just a retail or service hub. These videos that entertain your audience are just as important as pitching a product or sale. They see your creativity, your love of the industry and even your relationship with customers.

Is there extra work required to create videos for your Youtube channel. Yes, but these videos don’t have to break the bank. Allow customers to see your business as it is. Allow them to experience the best products you have available and the personality of your teams. If you don’t have the time to produce a short video but have a ton of photographs, use those and make a video slideshow. This extra work will pay off though, especially if your regional competition isn’t posting and sharing videos from YouTube.

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