Building a Better Website for Your Business

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Mar 13, 2018 @ 02:12 PM

Building a Better Website for Your Business | Wicked Local Media Solutions

The internet is continually evolving as new tools and web designs are being developed. A website doesn’t need to be updated every year. However, if while browsing the web, you start to notice that your business’s site is looking outdated, it may be time to freshen up your look.

Here’s a checklist to design a website for the first time, or just giving your site a face-lift.

1) Decide on a Site Plan
Decide the primary role your website will fill. Will it be a place for users to get information? Will consumers be able to purchase products and services through it? Will it do both? These decisions will shape the design and layout of your site.

2) Find a URL
Create a URL that can easily define your business. If another company has claimed the name of your business as the URL, create something that can be memorable to consumers.

3) Plan Your Site Tree
Create a list of the pages and features you will need when the website goes live. Think of how to organize and group web pages for easy navigation. Work in phases. Phase one includes the most important features while phase two would include the elements you will roll out after your site launches

4) Design Your Site
Are you going to design your website or use a design template? No matter which direction you go, do your research. Search for the best platforms and/or designers to use. If you decide to use a web designer, be clear about the functionality you want your website to have and ask to speak to other clients for referrals.

5) Create Content
While your designer is building your site, work on developing the content you want to fill it with. Draft text that tells the story of your brand. Select photos that show the services and products you provide. Use language that will engage the reader and draw them further into your site.

6) Promote Your Website
Once you’ve completed the website - it’s time to share it with the world. Use social media, print, and digital ads to promote it. Include your URL on your receipts, business flyers, and any other form of communication you have with consumers.

Your website is the face of your business online, so it is essential that your brand is well represented. Have a site that is clean, organized, and designed to engage with consumers.

Build a New Website for Your Business

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