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Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Oct 25, 2016 @ 11:37 AM

Building a Great Hashtag | Wicked Local Media Solutions

In the 21st century, marketing your business on social media isn’t something you should think about doing, it’s something you must do. Growing your audience and engagement through social tools like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others help build your brand recognition and also increase your opportunity to convert strangers into followers and then into customers.

Creating a social media presence for your business is just the first part of the equation. The second half is to find ways to be active and encourage consumer activity. While sharing links and engaging with customers are fantastic ways to show commitment to social media marketing, creating hashtags that represent your business, a promotion, or an event can also help build engagement.

Creating a hashtag for a marketing campaign can be tricky, because even the most well organized and developed theme may not become as popular as you hope. So here are a few suggestions to help your business succeed with hashtag creation.

1) Simplicity

Large chain stores can take risks behind hashtag creation, because they have the support system in place to promote the campaign. Your small business has to be more deliberate with your hashtag strategy. Your hashtag should describe your business or event. Make it recognizable and easy for people to connect it to your brand.

2) Promotion

What creates a buzz around a hashtag is the popularity of its use. When you decide and create your hashtag, start hyping it yourself. Include it in promotions and ask employees to use it if they are on social media. That way when people see the hashtag they can click to see what it is in reference to and who is talking about it.

3) Delivery

Keep your messages that use this hashtag on point with your campaign, but be creative in the ways you share them. Prior to the event, share the hashtag not only on social media, but as a part of your normal advertising strategy. Let people know what to look for to see information about your business, event, or promotion. Share photos and videos to help encourage people to learn more about what your hashtag represents.

There is no secret to building a successful hashtag campaign. But, like any advertising campaign, the harder you work to spread the word, the more likely you are to see a result from consumers. Spend the time to build a social media campaign and then dedicate time to follow through with that plan.

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