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Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Nov 02, 2015 @ 11:15 AM

Building a Landing Page | Wicked Local Media Solutions

When you create a digital marketing campaign, there’s a lot of focus on building a digital, email, or social media advertisement that will connect with customers. The ad needs to be built in a way to inspire consumers to engage with the content. But, there is another piece of this puzzle that is just as important as the ad itself. Building a great landing page.

Landing pages are used to welcome the person who has clicked on a digital ad and try to convert them from an information seeker to a customer. A landing page is an important part of your digital marketing campaign because it closes the customer’s journey with a purchase. Your landing page design and message needs to be just as clean, concise and direct as your advertisement.

When people click on the ad’s call-to-action, the first thing they should see on your landing page is your logo and branding. Branding is so important because it reminds the customer who is offering the promotion. If they tell their friends about this awesome deal, you want to make sure the name of your business is included in the story.

You also want to make sure your landing page is clean. Try to avoid a lot of unnecessary visual elements. There are a couple reasons to keep it minimalistic. First, you don’t want to distract the customer. They clicked on your advertisement because they are very interested in the specified product. Don’t distract them from their desired purchase. After they click on the button to close the deal, then you can ask them if they want to continue their shopping experience or offer them other items.

The second reason, is a landing page needs to load quickly. After clicking a call-to-action, they are expecting to see the next page load right away. Too many components on a web page will slow down that page’s load time. According to one survey, if a page doesn’t load in three seconds, people will give up. Don’t let your customers feel discouraged. A clean landing page will load quickly for eager customers.

Your landing page should also include a prompt to encourage customers to share this deal on social media. By doing this, you have the opportunity to grow the awareness of your business and your promotion. The more people who get access to your landing page, the higher the rate of successfully bringing in new consumers.

A landing page also has valuable information about how you should communicate with consumers. Create landing pages that are specific for web, social, and email advertisements. By doing this, you can see which ads resonate the best, and focus on those for future marketing campaigns.

If your advertisement is a promotional announcement, your landing page is the sales representative who closes the deal. Make sure to prepare a page that will be able to complete sales and give you valuable customer information for future promotions.

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