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Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Oct 12, 2016 @ 02:54 PM

Building Brand Loyalty | Wicked Local Media Solutions

As a business owner, brand loyalty is how you build a loyal following. You want every customer who spends money on your products or services to be a return customer. You want them to feel comfortable coming to you in case of an emergency or if they just feel like shopping. Creating a relationship with your audience requires dedication, but it also creates a strong bond between consumer and business. Here are three ideas to help you strengthen brand loyalty

1) Talk with Customers

When a shopper calls your or enters your store, don’t just try to sell a product or service, ask them questions about their needs. For instance, you own a hardware store and a customer comes to your store to get hinges for a medicine cabinet. Well, do they need grout? What kind of lightbulbs are they going to use? Have they decided about a style of sink? You carry all of these things, but you’re not selling them directly to the consumer. You’re learning more about the project and during or after the conversation you’ll be able to take that information and offer them other services or products you have.

2) Keep Merchandise in the Store

No one likes to wait, and if people have to wait for a service or product, they’ll go to another business. Do your best to keep your most popular stock displayed. If people want something that you don’t have, offer to special order it for them. If you are booked on a particular day to do a job, offer to put their name on a waiting list in case someone cancels their appointment. Go out of your way to show them that you want to help them. They will remember how you tried your best to make their experience the best it could be.

3) Always Show Appreciation

Thanking someone for coming to the store is great, but showing appreciation goes deeper than that. You can offer coupons as shoppers are in the store or use email lists to share exclusive promotions. It can be as little as opening the door for them as they enter or as extreme as spotting them a dollar if they run low on cash. The more you give as a merchant, the more opportunity you give customers to remember your business in a positive light. People want to do business with brands that make them feel happy and welcome.

Brand Loyalty is the goal of every business, but just being open and accessible to consumers isn’t enough to build it. Like any other form of marketing, customer service needs to be an integral part of your strategy and something you are constantly working on. Even though it sometimes requires the most work, the benefits of having loyal customers, who become brand ambassadors, will be rewarding and profitable to your business.

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