Building Consumer Engagement Through a Contest Sponsorship

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Aug 08, 2016 @ 02:02 PM

Building Consumer Engagement Through a Contest Sponsorship | Wicked Local Media Solutions

When you create marketing campaigns for your business, you are exploring ways that will allow customers to become invested in your brand. You want to show consumers that you are connected with their lives and actively invite them to be a part of your business. Your advertising tries to create that bond, but sometimes it might take more than a digital or print ad; you need to demonstrate your commitment to them. Sponsoring a contest is a great way for your business to begin to build a relationship with local consumers.

Customers love contests and challenges because they are offered a chance at a prize with very little engagement asked of them. Their opportunity to win big requires a few minutes of sharing their contact information and maybe a photo, video, or a few words. The promise of a prize drives consumers to specific URLs and are a captured audience as they fill in the information.

Having a captured audience like this offers a lot of value to your brand. Sponsoring a contest creates a reason for your name, logo, and slogan to be a part of the buyer’s experience. Being able to include a message, url, or promotion to customers while they participate in the contest helps create brand recognition among consumers.

When you are looking for sponsorship opportunities, investigate the different ways you may be able to share your message. Will your name be connected with the contest when it’s shared on social media? Will you be able to write a thank you note to customers once they’ve entered their information? Be active in finding ways to make sure your business and the contest are connected.

If you can, draw up a long term deal to become a sponsor for the same or similar contests. Whether it be annually, quarterly, or monthly, by consistently connecting your business with a giveaway you become more recognizable to customers. They expect to see the name of your business attached to the contest.

Not every marketing campaign you are a part of can offer prizes, but when there is an opportunity available, take part in it. By helping to create a positive experience for customers you help build recognition for your business, and repeated sponsorships only strengthens that bond.

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