Creating Consumer Trust By Sponsoring Local Athletics

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Sep 20, 2016 @ 12:30 PM

Creating Consumer Trust By Sponsoring Local Athletics | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Running a successful local business sometimes means you have to be a leader in your community. Supporting events and lending your name to local causes gives your neighbors and customers a reason to take notice and encourages them to shop at your business. One way to get your brand into the community is to sponsor local youth, scholastic, and intramural sports leagues.

Athletic organizations are always looking for local businesses to help them sponsor as many of their athletes as possible. Even with coaches volunteering their time, athletic leagues often have to pay for maintenance of their playing surfaces, officials, refreshments, and uniforms for the athletes. All of these expenses make it difficult for local athletic leagues not pass on the cost to their participants. The support of local businesses, like yours, make it easier for athletes to take part in their favorite sport.

The most recognized way of showing support is by sponsoring a team. Your sponsorship may include a few advertising opportunities, but the most notable is having your business’s name on the back of a team’s uniform. Showcasing your brand on t-shirts and jerseys essentially makes the team a billboard for your business for all those who are watching. For the parents and athletes it’s also a reminder of your support for their team and the community.

Your business may also find advertising opportunities available in signage around the field or court and also in printed programs and on team or league websites. Investing in billboards and print ads offers the ability for your business to be seen even if the team you sponsor isn’t playing. Games are taking place all the time and across several different age groups, so there will almost always be consumers who are engaged with your marketing message.

Many youth, scholastic, and intramural athletic groups look for ways to raise money as the games are being played. Your business can offer gift certificates or prizes to be raffled off to help raise money. You can offer to purchase food or drink for the organization to sell at concession booths. You can even offer to help pay for the maintenance of the courts and fields. The groups will appreciate your assistance and in turn will share with their members your generous contributions.

Consumers love to see local businesses take an active role in supporting their community. According to a 2013 study, 82% of customers consider how socially responsible a business is when deciding if they should shop there. By showing an interest in youth and intramural sports you are giving athletes, of all skill levels, a chance to play the sport they love and represent your support for the community.

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