Direct Email Marketing: Your Resource to Finding New Customers

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Apr 01, 2015 @ 04:30 PM

Direct Email Marketing: Your Resource to Finding New Customers | Wicked Local Media SolutionsCongratulations! You have created the perfect email message. The content is crisp and engaging. The images you have selected are going to direct attention to the copy and create an emotional connection with a consumer. The deal you have included is guaranteed to bring customers into your store and spend money. But, who do you send the email to?

You could send the message to all of your existing customers. You know they respect and trust your business. But do you really want to just reach out to customers who already know you and your business? Shouldn’t you also be trying to engage with customers who don’t know who you are?

Your message needs to reach as many people as possible for your business to grow. Getting established customers into your store is great, but encouraging new customer to engage by sending an email is even better. There’s just one problem, you don’t have their contact information. How do you get your message to a complete stranger?

Well, that’s where direct email marketing can help. It offers you the opportunity to send your message to people within a local region who are not aware of your brand. Direct email marketing is a proven resource to generate sales and build the profile of your business.

The secret to success with direct email marketing is finding your perfect customer. Who would that customer be? Where does that person live? How much do they make? How old are they? Do they have kids, pets or both? This is called targeting - finding the type of person that is most likely to visit and purchase items and services from your store.

You might be wondering where these emails come from? Well, there are databases full of consumers who want to be found by businesses. Email addresses that have been voluntarily offered by folks who are looking to connect with area retailers. Actual customers who want to learn and engage with your business.

These customer lists are updated every week. So there is always an opportunity for your business to grow a new audience with every email you send.

Direct email marketing offers the type of connection every business craves. The ability to engage with their perfect consumer and draw attention to their products and services. The growth of a business depends on growing and retaining customers. There are many possible ways for your message to be received. A business shouldn't depend on just one medium. But, everyone checks their email and that’s where you can introduce yourself. That’s when that perfect email you created comes in handy.

So do you have an idea for an email and a desire to find new customers?

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