Engaging with Consumers Through OnTarget Marketing

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Jan 23, 2017 @ 12:43 PM

Engaging with Consumers Through OnTarget Marketing | Wicked Local Media Solutions

As technology evolves and continues to offer more ways we can engage with digital content, business owners gain more opportunity to connect with consumers. Investing in OnTarget marketing will bring your marketing campaign to potential customers as they search for certain keywords, travel near your business, or visit your website.

OnTarget marketing uses the information that shoppers offer freely while shopping or visiting websites and allows you to use it to find your target consumer. This information includes zip codes, previous websites visited, search engine queries, present location (for mobile device users), and what items they have purchased digitally. Each of these filters offers your business a new path to introduce yourself to the customer prior to, and post, their shopping experience.

What makes this form of digital advertising so useful is that it isn’t beholden to just one set of parameters. It allows your business’s message to appear to consumers based on their interests and location.

For instance, as a part of your strategy you may invest your budget to find customers who use certain keywords that relate to your business, in a typical search engine marketing (SEM) plan. Even if they didn’t visit your website, based on their search engine requests, they will still see ads for your business. If your business is clicked on, but nothing is purchased, OnTarget marketing makes sure that your display ads follow the user from site to site, reminding them that they were interested in your business.

OnTarget also refers to GPS-based advertising, like participating in geofencing opportunities, which alerts customers  when they are near your business. Another new development is georecency, which pushes your ad to a customer’s mobile device when they travel through a particular “zone” in a thirty day span.

Finding an edge in the digital marketing landscape can be tough. Many businesses are looking to create a spot for them in a crowded market and with a focused OnTarget strategy, you aren’t waiting for consumers to find you, you are engaging with them first.

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