Facebook's New Algorithm and Your Business

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Jan 30, 2018 @ 12:52 PM

Facebook's New Algorithm and Your Business | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Facebook is always trying to improve their user experience by adjusting the algorithm that controls how their newsfeed works. This key piece of evolving code is essential in understanding how and when posts are seen by consumers. Earlier this month, they updated this algorithm again. Here is how it may effect your business.

Facebook’s New Algorithm Rules

1) Trending Topics are Given Priority

Weight will be given to posts that involve trending topics. User generated content that is related to a popular topic will appear higher in the newsfeed.

2) When People Engage

Recently, Facebook had been pushing the content that received a lot of engagement to the top of a user’s newsfeed. The new rules do not focus on how many engagements are received, instead they prioritize when a post is engaged with. For example, if a post gets a lot of traction at first, but then peters out, Facebook won’t push it as “popular” content.

Your Strategy for the New Algorithm

1) Content Matters

Design and build content that is relevant to your fans and will generate the most engagement with them. Create posts that will collect likes, shares, and comments throughout the entire day.

2) Don’t Start Fishing for Trends

A trending topic on Facebook is not always an invitation for your business to contribute to the conversation. There may be exceptions, but customers follow your business because they want updates related to your brand. Keep your posts focused on being a resource local consumers can rely on.

Facebook’s restructured algorithm is focused on creating and inspiring engagement. Focus your Facebook marketing strategy on being a great resource and a way to communicate directly with consumers. Provide engaging content that connects with their needs and interests.

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