Facebook's New Changes and How it Effects Your Business

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Jul 06, 2016 @ 11:16 AM

Facebook's New Changes and How it Effects Your Business | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Using social media to market your business is a very reliable tool. These platforms allow your business to be informative and creative when engaging with consumers. Sharing pictures, videos, and messages to customers are all proactive activities you can do to encourage interaction. However, last week, Facebook announced that it would be changing the way content will appear on newsfeeds, forcing your business to evolve its social media marketing strategy.

Facebook has updated their newsfeed to heavily weight the posts that are made by users and their friends on the platform. That means a person will be more likely to see the posts from people they are connected with, before they see content from a “favorited” page. But, this doesn’t mean that your Facebook account should become stale.

Without a doubt this news changes how your business will use Facebook, but the opportunity is still there to engage with an audience. Your strategy should now focus on trying to find ways to create moments with your audience and encouraging them to share your posts.

Because you are relying on people to share your message, your posts may not be as subtle as before. For example, let’s say your store has a preferred customer program. Every week, you select a customer at random and tag them in a Facebook post, thanking them for their loyalty. By appearing on their wall, their friends will see your activity, especially if the customer likes or comments on the content.

Another way to increase direct engagement is to find ways to ask fans to share your content. Likes and comments won’t be as likely to drive the popularity of your post, but having fans share the message on their wall will create more opportunities for new people to connect with your post.

This change is also a strong reminder to look into what Facebook advertising solutions would work best for your brand. Your organic content may be harder to share, but there is still a spot for you to sponsor posts and help find customers through targeting certain demographics.

Social media platforms are always going to be making changes to their interface to offer users a unique experience. Sometimes, these updates may help your marketing strategy, sometimes they may force you to be creative with your campaigns. Being prepared for these changes will help your business adapt quickly and continue to successfully engage with customers.

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