Finding the Perfect Way to Thank Your Customers

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Jun 06, 2016 @ 12:15 PM

Finding the Perfect Way to Thank Your Customers | Wiced Local Media Solutions

One of the earliest things we are taught is to show gratitude when people give us attention. As children, we write thank you notes for birthday gifts. Giving thanks is more than just exhibiting good manners, it’s a great way to engage customers and continue the buyer’s journey online.

When customers are in your physical store you have the opportunity to share with them upcoming promotions or products. You are able to build a story based on their relationship with your store. When they are visiting your digital space, you need to keep them interested in your brand beyond the purchase. A well placed “thank you” campaign can help build that relationship.

You can start building that confidence online right away. After the sale is processed, make sure that their transaction screen includes not only the words “thank you” and the details of the sale, but also includes items that they may want in the future. Let consumers build a connection with the rest of your inventory.

You can even take this approach one step further and send customers a thank you email. Having an automated message generated a few days after the sale keeps your business fresh in the minds of consumers. Perhaps, if possible, you can also include a coupon for a percentage off their next purchase in the next ten days. Giving a customer your gratitude and a gift shows that you have a commitment to making their experience with your business positive.

Thank you notes with promotions should also appear on your social media feed too. Try to increase engagement by asking people to share or like a post a certain amount of times and then you’ll thank them by releasing an exclusive coupon or link to a promotion. You can build a landing page for your business to collect information from interested customers, and include a thank you page after they register, so they know you are grateful for their time.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Customers want to feel that a business values them and will build a relationship with the brands that do. Taking the time to say to thank people, digitally and in person, strengthens that bond and creates trust.

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