Finding Ways to Engage New Customers

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Feb 14, 2017 @ 11:57 AM

Finding Ways to Engage New Customers | Wicked Local Media Solutions

You love your faithful customers. These folks have helped your community business thrive. But, as much as you appreciate their support, you also know that it takes new customers to grow your small business.

Here are a few ways to engage with new customers.

1. Customer Appreciation Promotion

A great foundation for any consumer outreach strategy is a customer appreciation promotion at your business. These events are great beacons to welcome all customers to your store, especially if you promise discounts, attractions, and prizes. Using the event as the cornerstone to a new customer campaign, you give people a reason to engage with your business.

2. Encouraging Customer Recommendations

One of the most influential types of marketing is word-of-mouth advertising. Encourage your customers to recommend you to their friends and pass along a coupon for them to use. Those coupons could not only offer a promotion to new customers, but also can create a coupon for their friend to use too.

3. Giveaways

There is nothing more enticing than learning you can get something for practically nothing. Offer customers free or heavily discounted merchandise to bring them into the store. You could even offer them a new customer discount to make them feel appreciated.

4. Reward Programs

Reward programs have become so popular that it’s more unusual if a business doesn’t have one. This can be anything from a stamp card to an electronic card that keeps track of active promotions and purchases.

5. Get Trending

Using social media to advertise and engage with consumers is the perfect way to introduce your business to new customers. You can focus on building organic growth by including your business in trending conversations. You can also advertise on social media. Different social media channels allow you to target customers according to their location or other demographic information.


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