Five Steps for Building a Logo for Your Business

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Feb 17, 2016 @ 11:14 AM

Five Steps for Building a Logo for Your Business | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Do you want to make your business stand out? Of course you do. But how do you accomplish this? Perhaps, you can draw attention to your products and services? After all, they are the reason your business exists. Maybe you could find a great location for your store? This would make it easy for shoppers to visit your business. But, what about your logo? Your logo also attracts the attention of consumers, because it is the pictorial representation of your business.

Your logo isn’t just used on the sign above the door. It is the most recognizable part of your brand, because it will be seen on your bags, advertising, website, business cards, and even personalized merchandise.

Here are five things to keep in mind when you build a logo for your business.

1) Who Are You?

Developing a logo for your business isn’t an easy task. You can’t just throw together a design in a few minutes. This image is going to be your business’s totem for years to come. It should create awareness for your products and your mission.

Write a brief story about your business, then work with an artist and develop different sketches and designs that will be the best visual description of that story. Do you want to focus on the name of the business or services you provide? Is there a signature item that you want to showcase? Is there a family history you want to include? Let your logo be a true representation of your story.

2) Keep the Colors Simple

Colors will attract the attention of customers, or push them away. Not every set of colors will work for every business. If you own a ferry company, a color scheme of blue and orange (representing the sea and the sunset) may be a great combination, but I wouldn’t want to see a blue pizza on the box for a pizzeria. This is a helpful story that investigates which colors can aid in telling the story of your business.

3) Find a Font that Works

Remember that your logo will most likely contain your business’s name or slogan. The finished product needs to merge language and image seamlessly, in order for customers to build a connection between the two. You need to find a font that will be bold and easy to read on a large sign or a tiny business card. Consistency is key.

4) Don’t Be Too Intricate

It’s important that your logo has definition, but don’t let the tiny details overwhelm the entire image. The more detail you give a picture, the harder it can be to scale the display into a larger or smaller format. You want to make sure that your image will be recognizable to customers when they view it at four feet or at four inches.

5) Do Your Customers Like it?

Remember, you have designed the logo to attract customers, so invite them to be a part of the process. Ask them what they think and use their feedback to address issues you may have overlooked. This will create a connection with your consumers. They will enjoy that you are turning to them for advice and will feel like they have a stake in the company. Not only will customers remember the experience, but they will appreciate the logo and your business more.

Creating a successful logo is a great way to attract and engage with consumers. Your logo will help increase your brand recognition and give you a consistent visual element across all of your marketing campaigns. Developing an image that represents the products and services you offer isn’t just a fun project, it’s a strategic business decision.

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