Five Steps to Build an Engaging Print Advertisement

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Dec 09, 2015 @ 10:44 AM

Five Steps to Build an Engaging Print Advertisment | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Print advertising is still considered one of the most trusted forms of advertising. People expect to see newspaper ads in print publications so not only are they not ignored, they are also sought out. But, what do you need to do to make a strong print ad? A print ad needs to be a showcase announcement for your business. Whether you are looking to promote a grand opening or build attention to a new product, newspaper advertisements are the perfect way to connect with consumers in your community.

Here are five steps you can use when building a print advertisement.

1) Have a Clear Message

It doesn’t matter if you can afford a big advertisement or a small one, you will never have enough room to communicate everything you want to. You have to pick one element and make that your focus. Use this ad to create awareness for whatever your featured product is. Keep your message on point and don’t try to push other items or topics that might be connected. This ad is to get a customer to your store, worry about including other items once they are there.

2) Images are Everything

On average, humans process images 60,000 times faster than we do language. When you include pictures in your ads, you will help consumers make a faster connection to your business and your products. Make sure that the pictures you use are at a proper resolution. If you include a photo that looks fine on your computer, but isn’t a high quality image, the image may appear to be fuzzy once it’s printed.

3) Choose Colors Wisely

In a perfect world, we would want everything to include vibrant colors that were able to grab a hold of customers and get them engaged. However, printing in color can be more expensive and is not always available. When you are building your ad and finding pictures, keep color selection in mind. If you build an ad that includes every color of the rainbow, it may just turn out to be different shades of grey. Think of colors and images that can also work if you are forced to use black and white.

4) Connect to Your Customer

Like any type of advertising, your message needs to be directed at a certain audience. It’s great if it gets the attention of people from different demographics, but don’t forget who your target consumer is. If you own a pet store, include a picture of a dog. If you are a landscaper, pitch your business to homeowners. Make the ad relatable to that person.

5) Include a Call-to-Action

Call-to-Actions (CTA) need to be included in every marketing campaign. If you have a digital ad, you can connect a website to the image, so the consumer can just click and go. But don’t neglect to add a CTA if your ad is in print. Having an URL printed at the bottom of the ad can be very helpful for people who want to visit and learn more. It’s an easy thing for you to add, to help complete their buyer’s journey.

Print advertising is effective, but you need to make sure your ad isn’t overwhelming or forgettable. Think of what you would want to see as a consumer. What message would bring you to a business. Work through these steps and build an advertisement that is direct, engaging, and offers a true value to the customer.

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