Five Ways to Help Boost Holiday Sales

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Dec 14, 2016 @ 12:22 PM

Five Ways to Help Boost Holiday Sales | Wicked Local Media Solutions

With a little over a week left in the holiday season, your business may be looking for ways to attract more customers and increase sales during the final gift rush. Here are five strategies you can use to try and connect with consumers.

1) Team Up with Other Local Businesses

Remember, that you’re not the only community business looking for ways to increase sales before the end of the year. Talk to the owners and managers of the stores around you and see what kind of cross promotions you can offer customers.

2) Market Trending Items

No matter what your business specializes in, there are going to be products and services that will be more popular than others. While they may not always show up on Twitter, Facebook, or Google; you can find these trends by doing research online or even reading industry publications. By knowing what people want to buy, you can bundle those together with less popular items to help you sell inventory and increase sales.

3) Creating Urgency

When you feel like you’re late for work, what do you do? You move faster. The same goes for customers who are afraid they are running out of time on a good deal. They will act faster to take advantage of a promotion if they know it ends soon. Some ways you can create this sense of urgency are to focus on signage in your store. Let people know what deals are happening that day and when they will end. Update customers on social media with daily deals. If you can build a countdown clock on your website next to certain items, people will feel the pressure to buy the item when they see it.

4) Updating Your Website

In the age of digital shopping and perusing, having your website up to date is a must. But that doesn’t mean just updating the content that people see, it’s more important to have the invisible content, the metadata, updated as well. As you create content for your site, make sure you index your site to web browsers properly so that they can make sure keywords, phrases, and prices are updated for the best possible SEO experience.

5) Show Gratitude

One of the easiest ways to gain people’s trust, respect, and encourage them to tell their friends about your store, is to show them how appreciative you are. From offering coupons at the register for their next visit, to offering digital notes saying thanks for shopping that offer an additional promotion, or ending every sale with a smile. Be the reason customers want to come back to your store to pick up their last holiday gift.

Just because the holiday shopping season draws to a close soon, doesn’t mean that your business should slow down its marketing campaigns. Using traditional and new media methods to spread your message will attract and engage with customers that are new and familiar with your business.

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