Four Reasons Your Business Should Play Music

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Oct 03, 2016 @ 12:45 PM

Four Reasons Your Business Should Play Music | Wicked Local Media Solutions

As a business owner, you want customers to feel comfortable in your store. Consumers who feel relaxed tend to stay longer, increasing your opportunity to offer them more services and merchandise. While a well trained sales staff will work hard to keep a guest engaged, one of the easiest ways to create a welcoming environment is to have music playing for customers to enjoy.

Building a successful consumer engagement strategy is the goal of every business owner; and playing music in your store is a way to achieve this goal. It makes your customers feel welcome and encourages them to spend time shopping. Here are four reasons why playing music is helpful to your business.

1) Keeps People in a Store

The type of music you play in your business, creates different opportunities for you to connect with customers. First, do they like it? Consumers who enjoy the style of music you are playing won’t want to leave. They won’t feel rushed. They will be at ease exploring the store. Second, how fast is the music? The tempo of the music playing contributes to the length of time people stay shopping. Music with a slow tempo will encourage guests to take their time and faster tempo music could make them feel rushed.

2) Creates Illusion of Quickness

Music is also a great tool to use to have customers ignore the time they are spending in the store. Think of the times you are in your favorite store, and you look at your watch and are amazed at how long you’ve been there. Mood or ambient music playing in the store, always keeps the mind active and not focused on waiting for a cashier or sales staff.

3) Sets Expectations

The music you play is representative of the type of mood you want your store to set. My first job was in a candy store and we always played pop music on the radio. My boss said the reason was because it was fun and familiar, which was the way she wanted her store to seem. If you sell more expensive items or want to appeal to high-end clientele you should try playing classical music. If you want your store to appeal to a young audience, playing pop music helps bring in the trendy customers.

4) Increases Employee Productivity

Like customers, your employees find the music you play a pleasant way to help them complete their tasks. Studies have shown that music leads employees to think creatively while solving problems and perform their responsibilities quickly and accurately.

Playing music in your store may seem like a small gesture, but the style, tempo, and volume of the music you select can have a real affect on your guests. Think of the type of customer experience you want to offer. Create a playlist that effectively conveys your store’s tone and will help create an engaging environment for customers that will encourage them to shop and create a relationship with your brand.

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