Four Tips to Grow Social Media Engagement

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Jun 01, 2016 @ 11:24 AM

Four Tips to Grow Social Media Engagement | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Your social media accounts are great tools that allow you to connect directly with customers, however, the key for success is finding the most effective ways to use them. Posting a status update once a day is good, but it’s not being proactive in sharing your message. Your customers want to know that you are engaged with them and in your network. By creating content that encourages your followers to interact with your posts, you increase consumer engagement and the number of people who are likely to see the message.

Here are four tips to help you grow social media engagement.

1) Engage With Everyone

The success on any campaign you run on social media is going to be the result of how many customers you connect with. Social media platforms have recognized that tagging people in posts leads to the growth of social networking communities. You’ll find that nearly every social network gives you the opportunity engage with people by using their screenname.

If you post a message on your feed, then only your followers will be likely to see it. By tagging people or businesses in your posts you are notifying them that you are including them in the conversation. When appropriate, tag people in photos, videos, and text posts so that your content is shared on their feeds.

Engagement also occurs every time you respond to a comment with a “like” or a written acknowledgement. Showing that your business is interested in what customers are saying helps build a strong rapport.

2) Streaming Video

The more creative the content you build, the higher the likelihood it will be engaged with. Right now, streaming video is incredibly popular to watch and share online. For example, recently, a Facebook Live video of a woman laughing while wearing a Chewbacca mask reached 143 million people on Facebook.

I’m not suggesting that you dress up as Chewbacca during store hours, but it goes to show you how many people are eager to watch videos and share them with friends. Streaming videos appear live and can also be saved to your Facebook wall to be watched and shared after you finish recording.

3) Create Calendar Events

Facebook’s calendar is a fantastic app you can use to draw attention to an event you're sponsoring or taking part in. The best feature of the calendar is that it allows you to tag anyone you want to invite as a guest. Those invited receive reminder notifications in the days leading up to the event.

4) Share Content

Take the time to read what friends, followers, colleagues, and partners are posting on social media. If you think that the content is appropriate for your audience, share it. When you share or retweet a message, make sure you give proper credit to the person who originally posted it. Sharing content demonstrates that you aren’t using social media to just promote yourself, but that you are a part of the greater community.

Don’t view social media as a requirement you must use to stay current. Take advantage of all the opportunities popular social network sites offer you. Use their different options to reach and connect your customers and their friends. The more proactive you are with sharing your message, the more likely you are to raise consumer awareness of your business.

Build Your Social Media Presence!

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