Four Ways for You to Use LinkedIn

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Aug 22, 2016 @ 01:27 PM

Four Ways for You to Use LinkedIn | Wicked Local Media Solutions

When businesses think about marketing on social media, they look toward connecting with customers through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These channels offer the opportunity to connect with consumers and encourage engagement. Your social media marketing does not have to be limited to just these three mediums though. By incorporating LinkedIn into your digital strategy, your business can create new relationships and become a trusted community resource.

LinkedIn’s audience is different from that of other social networks, because while other social media channels emphasize a short message, LinkedIn encourages you to be a part of digital conversations to help you build a stronger network.

Here are four ways your business can use LinkedIn to build local recognition.

1) Promote Your LinkedIn Profile

Let consumers, vendors, and other local businesses know that your business can be found on LinkedIn. Have the site’s logo and link visible on your email correspondence and on the “Contact Information” portion of your website. Make it as easy as possible for people to meet you and join your professional network.

2) Start or Join a Community Group

Search LinkedIn for local groups in your community. Become a member of these groups to build relationships with other small businesses in your area. Although, some of the members might be competitors, you all want to build a strong, stable, and reliable community marketplace.

3) Be a Part of the Discussion

Don’t just join a group, but lead the conversation. Be active in discussion threads among community members and within your industry. Start topics on subjects that will affect you and your neighborhood. Encourage other local businesses to share their ideas and topics. Be a leader and try to grow your local and professional network.

4) Become a Destination

If your business doesn’t have a blog page, LinkedIn offers the space for you to write your own posts without creating a separate website. The “Write an Article” feature allows you to share your opinions, philosophies, and personal stories with your network. There is no character limit for the post and you can include photos, URL links, videos and other features to make the message robust. To increase awareness, share your article across social media platforms, directing people to your LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for every small business owner to coordinate with their colleagues and consumers in order to build a strong local network. These four steps will help you connect with other local business owners and grow your reputation as someone who is committed to growing and strengthening the local economy.

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