Ideas for How Your Business Can Use Streaming Video

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Jun 27, 2016 @ 02:00 PM

Ideas for How Your Business Can Use Streaming Video | Wicked Local Media Solutions

It’s not a secret that streaming video is becoming more popular. Your own Facebook and Twitter feeds are probably full of video messages that are being broadcast live or that were recorded earlier. These videos, which can be easily produced through your tablet or smartphone, are a great way to show the human side of your business, and encourage your followers to engage or share your message. Here are some ideas for how popular types of businesses can use streaming video to enhance their social media presence.


Thanks to cooking and travel shows, people love seeing how their favorite dishes are made. Some of the most popular restaurants have a table available for guests right in the kitchen so they can see the meal come together. Bring your followers into the kitchen and film the creation of one of your popular dishes. Maybe have your chef show your audience how to make a gourmet dish at home. Create a visual treat for them that will encourage them to reserve a table.

Real Estate Professionals

Finding the perfect home for buyers can be a long process. Buyer’s agents are looking for homes to recommend to their clients, while the seller’s agents are trying to describe a house that will entice buyers. Streaming a video of the property before an open house would be a great way for buyer’s and seller’s agents to show the home and share it with their clients to pique their interests.

Clothing Stores

Want to show off a new ensemble or accessory? Share an impromptu fashion show online. Have employees try on clothing and model them for your customers to show them what the clothes look like off the rack.

Community Associations

Throughout the year, your association tries to build public interest in the events they plan to help build a stronger community. Use streaming video as a way to instantly update followers about events you are planning. Also, streaming video is a great tool to publicize the event as it happens. If your group organizes a farmers market, you can tour the event before it opens to show people the fresh produce that are going to be available.

Unlike other commercial videos you may produce, streaming video is best used to offer customer’s information, not necessarily sell a specific product or service. Your goal with these types of videos is to share your knowledge with consumers so that they will feel more at ease while they engage with your content. It is more than just a glimpse behind the curtain, it’s an invitation for them to learn and visit your business.

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