January Blog Rewind: Planning Your 2017 Marketing Strategy

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Jan 31, 2017 @ 11:48 AM


In January, the Wicked Local Media Solutions blog looked for ways to help your business find success in the new year. We focused on advertising strategy, like bundling your advertising across multiple platforms to reach a larger audience, and how your business can take part in the 22nd Readers Choice Awards.

If you’ve missed any of our posts, here is our January blog rewind.

Five Marketing Trends for 2017

Here are five of the marketing trends that we expect to see in 2017.

4 Steps to Getting Your Business in Shape

New Year’s resolutions are goals people make to help them break their bad habits in an effort to live a better life. Resolutions can also be made by business owners as a way to get their business into shape for the new year. Here are four ways you can use some of the most well known resolutions and make them work for your business.

Getting Your Business Ready for the Readers Choice Awards

A new year means new opportunities await your business. There will be new trends to follow, and new marketing strategies you can explore to attract new customers. While some of these things are in flux, one thing remains constant, and that’s the Readers Choice Awards.

Using Bundled Advertising to Connect with an Entire Audience

As a business owner, there are many different options for you to explore when looking to prepare a marketing strategy. Thanks to the internet and digital content, you can now broadcast your message to a larger and more diverse audience. But, that doesn’t mean you should ignore print media and their digital properties, because a new study shows that their audience is still strong and values content across multiple platforms.

Getting Involved in Your Chamber of Commerce

As a business owner, your goal is to ultimately create a relationship with the members of your community, not only with your consumers, but with other businesses too. Your local chamber of commerce can offer you resources to help grow your audience and strengthen ties with other local businesses.

Finding Your Voice on Social Media

Here are some ways your business can use social media to connect with consumers.

Be a part of the Winter Funcation

Winter break. For students, it’s a welcome reprieve from homework and classrooms. But for the parents, trying to find activities for their kids to take part in, it can be a real challenge.

Engaging with Consumers Through OnTarget Marketing

As technology evolves and continues to offer more ways we can engage with digital content, business owners gain more opportunity to connect with consumers. Investing in OnTarget marketing will bring your marketing campaign to potential customers as they search for certain keywords, travel near your business, or visit your website.

Three Ways to Become an Ecommerce Hero

Building a successful business in the 21st century requires you to have a robust digital marketing strategy and a website that offers consumers a great shopping experience. Creating an online environment that makes your customers feel as welcome as they would in your store is the key to having success.

Infographic: Strategies for Your Readers Choice Campaigns

Here are some ways you can create engagement with your customers during the Readers Choice Awards.

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