June Blog Rewind: Readers Choice and Social Media Promotion

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Jul 01, 2015 @ 12:43 PM

June Blog Rewind: Readers Choice and Social Media Promotion | Wicked Local Media Solutions

In June, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Readers Choice Awards. The award is presented to local businesses on behalf of their local community. It is the recognition of how a local business serves their customers. Although voting is only open for a few weeks, businesses should always be striving to build relationships with their customers to help with their local promotions and community outreach.

We also talked about ways that businesses can build that relationship and start conversations with their consumers by using social media. We discussed ways to help local businesses use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to engage with their customers.

If you missed any of these posts, here is June’s Blog Rewind.

Five Ways to Use Social Media to Successfully Promote Your Business

Saying that promotion is the key to the success of every business isn’t exactly breaking news. But, the way small business owners have to promote their business is changing. There are still many opportunities for business owners using traditional advertising methods. Introducing your company to new customers through print and digital media is very important. But how do you communicate with customers you already have?

The 2015 Wicked Local Readers Choice Awards Are Almost Here!

For the last twenty years, Wicked Local has asked consumers to vote for their favorite local businesses in its’ annual Readers Choice poll. This year, we had 450,000 votes cast for all sorts of businesses, from restaurants to hair salons. The results of the 2015 Readers Choice Awards will be released later this month, but we wanted to start preparing businesses for a very busy summer.

Learning the Lingo: Hashtags

Social media and internet culture has changed the way we communicate with each other. It started by users creating electronic shorthand to help speed conversations along. Acronyms like “LOL” (laughing out loud) have become so common they are in the dictionary. Internet memes have helped internet communities describe a mood through pictures. This new language also includes a way to categorize social conversations. It’s called a hashtag, but you may know it as “#.”

Choosing a Social Media Network Based on Your Customer's Demographics

A small business can’t advertise everywhere. Business owners create a marketing strategy around the type of customers they want to attract. That’s why you see certain ads in newspapers, magazines and on television. Advertisers want to make sure their information is getting in front of the proper audience. They look at their customer’s demographics to determine what message should be shared and where.

Promoting Your Readers Choice Award on Facebook

For the last 20 years, Wicked Local has been recognizing successful local businesses through its Readers Choice Awards. The award, as voted on by the fans, is the answer to your question, “Am I doing everything right?” If you’ve won the award, clearly, you are. Your community respects and appreciates your business and has said thank you with this award.

[Video] - Readers Choice Celebrates 20 Businesses in 20 Seconds

For the last 20 years, Wicked Local has been recognizing successful local businesses through its Readers Choice Awards. During this time, thousands of readers have been voting for their favorite community businesses, services, and activities. To celebrate the last 20 years, here’s a video that looks at just a fraction of the Readers Choice Award winners.

[Video] The Readers Choice Awards: Belmont Savings Bank

For the last 20 years, local businesses have been presented with Readers Choice Awards by Wicked Local on behalf of their customers. In Belmont, Massachusetts, Belmont Savings Bank has won the award for Best Community Bank thirteen times. Bob Mahoney, the President and CEO of Belmont Savings Bank, says his organization is flattered by the award and promises to work hard to continue to earn the trust of their community and customers.

The Basics to Advertising on Facebook

It’s the age of social media. The chances are high your business is on at least one social media site. You are probably always looking for ways to gain and engage your followers. All of the social networks are aware of how businesses are trying to gain attention and are giving business owners the opportunity to advertise on their platforms. Facebook, in particular, has taken the lead in bringing targeted advertising opportunities to small businesses.

5 Types of Facebook Advertising That Every Business Can Use

Facebook offers business owners ten different advertising opportunities on their platform. Half of them are aimed at companies who have apps, events or videos to promote. However, the other types of advertisements are perfect for every business to use. They all focus on growing a business’s audience and encouraging consumer engagement.

Six Ways to Promote Your Business on Twitter

Twitter may not have the massive audience that Facebook has, but it’s still a very active social media network that creates engagement and interest with consumers. The trick to building a captive audience on Twitter is to offer your followers content they can use. Here are six ways to promote your business on Twitter and gain consumer interest.

Celebrate Readers Choice Every Month

Selecting the winners for Wicked Local’s Readers Choice Awards isn’t an easy or quick process. The voting begins early in the year, and businesses and communities are given enough time to advertise and vote for the winners. Then we start counting the votes. Even with the help of electronic balloting, this is a huge job.

Promoting Your Business On LinkedIn

Most social media channels are very broad and look to serve the general population. You can post messages that are more fun or relaxed because customers are looking for a business to be relatable. But what if your business sells to other businesses? Your messages can still be personal but they need to be presented in a cleaner more professional format.

The 20th Anniversary of Wicked Local's Readers Choice Awards

For twenty years, the Readers Choice Awards has given communities across Eastern Massachusetts the opportunity to vote for their favorite local business. After six months, we are so proud that we are able to announce who the winners of the 2015 awards are. We’re also happy to introduce all of you to our new website,

12 Ways to Promote Your Business on the 4th of July

Creating social media campaigns that will inspire audience participation can be a struggle. Even if your business is followed by hundreds of people, you can’t always control who is going to be looking at their feed and who will see your post. A great way to help spark interest in a campaign is to use the excitement that a national holiday produces.

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