Learning the Lingo: A/B Testing

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Oct 24, 2016 @ 01:38 PM

Learning the Lingo: A/B Testing | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Finding ways to have customers engage with your business can be tricky. It’s a constant balancing act to find the words and promotions that connect with consumers and encourage them to choose your store. But, you shouldn’t guess at what the formula is to create engagement. It takes a steady plan with a lot of options available to help you build a winning equation. A/B testing helps you find the best way to reach and connect with your audience.

A/B testing isn’t as difficult as you might think. It’s just a simple matter of finding out what style of marketing works and which doesn’t. By offering an equal amount of customers two different advertising formats, and seeing which of them the majority of them prefers, you can begin planning a larger campaign based on the smaller success.

The key to making your A/B testing effective is to make sure each campaign has a different end point. Whether that’s by directing them to a specific landing page or giving them a certain code to use when they claim their promotion. Having this data is the most important aspect of testing because it tells you which option people prefer.

The fun part about testing is that you can do it for any type of marketing strategy. You can compare whether a print or digital ad is more popular. You can test your email marketing campaigns to see if customers prefer visual or written messages. When producing video messages to share you can see if people respond to different music or images. You can even check to see if how long a video is can determine the likelihood of a consumer making a purchase.

A/B testing shouldn’t just be for developing the type of message, but also finding out who your target demographic is. By using this testing system you can also determine what customer responds best to a finished message. Do older men feel more strongly about a finished campaign than younger women? Is there a marketing plan that works for multiple demographics? By taking time to sort out customers based on their demographics, A/B testing can continue to be used to collect valuable information.

Your business depends on customers being able to relate to your advertising campaigns. While there may be some steadfast rules around marketing strategy, the concepts around what brings in the most business is always subject to your audience. Using A/B testing can help you find the advertising solutions that work best for your business and your targeted demographic.

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