Learning the Lingo: Augmented Reality

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Mar 08, 2017 @ 01:10 PM

Learning the Lingo: Augmented Reality | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Every day, consumers are introduced to new ways to engage with the businesses that serve them. From ordering pizza with a text message, to virtually trying on a pair glasses, digital tools are making it easier for small and large brands to cater to their customers.

Augmented Reality is the act of using digital tools to make shoppers feel immersed and connected with products and services. While virtual reality looks to put people in a digital landscape, augmented reality looks for ways to engage the digital world with the everyday routines of consumers.

What was once a science-fiction theory, has become a real world tool. Customers are using this technology to make daily tasks and shopping easier while receiving a more personalized experience. Apps for grocery stores can remember your previous purchases and allow you to recall that information instantly to help you shop faster. You can save payment information digitally allowing you to shop and pay for your items without ever opening your wallet.

Future uses of this tool go beyond shopping lists. Customers using GPS apps for direction can be alerted by businesses that are nearby, even using a digital ad to highlight their location. A consumer can input their clothing measurements to have a custom made outfit. Shoppers can upload a picture of their face and virtually try on glasses or make-up.

Augmented reality is another tool that businesses are using in order to become the go-to resources for consumers. Creating a platform that offers accessibility, engagement, and creates a more pleasant shopping environment for customers, will strengthen your reputation and will help grow your customer base.

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