Learning the Lingo: Big Data Analysis

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Apr 25, 2017 @ 12:29 PM

Learning the Lingo: Big Data Analysis | Wicked Local Media Solutions

The phrase big data analysis may seem daunting and a little frightening. However, big data analysis refers to the act of merging shopper information you’ve collected and public consumer statistics to help you build a successful marketing strategy. This allows you to target specific customers and demographics more easily, and will offer you the opportunity to reach your audience more effectively.

This data will show the popularity of products, how often, and when they are purchased. If these sales are made and are attached to an email address or a consumer rewards account, you can even learn about the gender and age of the consumer to help understand the particular demographics of your shoppers. A simple spreadsheet can help you keep track of this data, and give you the information you need to not only meet consumer demands, but also create targeted marketing campaigns.

Once you have a general idea of who your target audience is, you can begin to use publicly shared information to learn more about what that group of consumers is looking for. Free online resources, like Google Analytics and Open Web Analytics exist so you can check your own web traffic to see how your digital consumers are being directed to your store. There are also companies that specialize in providing analytics and research that can share demographic information about how to reach specific types of customers.

Your marketing is most successful when you are able to target certain consumers around the parameters that make sense to your business. These are the customers who are already more likely to buy your products and use your services than others, and probably look very similar  to your current customer base. By using the information you already have in conjunction with a number of digital resources, you can help your small business be just as focused as your larger competitors.

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