Learning the Lingo: Geo-Fencing

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, May 09, 2016 @ 10:46 AM

Learning the Lingo: Geo-Fencing | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Learning the Lingo is a series of posts that will investigate marketing terms, ideas and strategies. Our topic today: geo-fencing.

The goals of any digital marketing campaign are similar to those of traditional marketing strategies. You want to stay involved with current customers and also reach out to new ones. However, the biggest difference is that when you use digital advertising, you can target customers immediately and directly. Now, using a “geo-fencing” strategy you can engage with consumers as they enter your community.

Geo-fencing refers to using a GPS signal to define a certain geographic area. How can that help you? Picture your business on a map and then imagine drawing a circle around it. Every time a person travels into the circled area they will receive a notification from your business.

It creates the opportunity for your business to actively reach out to customers, instead of waiting for customers to find you. Sending messages to consumers when they are near expands your brand awareness and may inspire them to visit your store. These messages would be sent to customers who have already agreed to get promotional texts and emails, so you wouldn’t be connecting with unwilling participants.

The opportunities for advertising via geo-fencing goes beyond just an announcement of where your business is. You can share coupons or inform customers of a mobile only promotion. You can also set up a geo-fence around the location of competing businesses, to inform customers that your business may be able to offer them better options.

You can also set up different geo-fencing areas to include specific demographics of the type customers you want to target. For instance, you own a restaurant near a commuter train location. To try and bring more attention to your business, you can create an area around the train station and target men and women in the mid-40’s who may not want to cook dinner.

Geo-fencing is another digital tool that you can use to help attract local and visiting consumers. By creating an active conversation with customers, you are taking an interest in them, offering solutions before they can ask the question.

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