Learning the Lingo: Giving Tuesday

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Nov 30, 2015 @ 01:38 PM

Learning the Lingo: Giving Tuesday | Wicked Local media Solutions

In the last four days, Americans are estimated to have spent billions of dollars on merchandise while holiday shopping. Companies have aggressively promoted their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and their advertising has absolutely worked. We were all aware where we could get a great deal on our favorite (and pricey) items. As all of this capital is being spent on gifts for people, nonprofit organizations have also found their niche during this epic weekend of consumer engagement.

Giving Tuesday was started in 2012 by the 92nd Street Y as a way to use the consumerism of the weekend after Thanksgiving to benefit organizations in need of financial support. Over the last three years it has inspired other non-profit organizations to also create and market their own giving campaigns. These campaigns look to inspire those benefactors who are in the spirit of giving to support their favorite charitable group.

Part of the reason of its success is because it has been supported by some of the largest and most popular websites and technology companies who are looking to help raise awareness of the day and the mission. Companies like Mashable, Sony, Blackbaud, and Skype have helped publicize the event and have made connecting the gift givers and the nonprofits an easy experience. It’s estimated that in 2014 more than $53 million dollars was raised, and that’s not including organizations that collect money directly with independent marketing campaigns.

Giving Tuesday is another way for your business to get involved with your favorite local charity and help build awareness for them as a form of cause marketing. A recent study, done by the John Templeton Foundation, found that 93% of people were familiar with Black Friday, but only 18% were aware of Giving Tuesday.

If you are a non-profit company, you should be treating the marketing strategy for Giving Tuesday as if they are your Black Friday advertisements. Look to reach new benefactors through direct mail and email campaigns. Create newspaper ads that help explain what Giving Tuesday is and what your organization does. Don’t forget to reach out to current supporters and remind them about the work you do and how donations will continue to help you fulfill your mission.

Most people want to help support nonprofit organizations, and charities continue to do their good work. Despite their intentions to help, sometimes it is a lack of knowledge about  how to help. By using Giving Tuesday as a rallying cry to help build awareness and initiate financial support, consumers can take part in the season of giving. It’s the ultimate cause marketing campaign.

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